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Painting Resin Figures


resin figure models

Resin Model Figures



On this page we're going to look at the resin figures that have a "bronze" like patina to them. They're solid cast resin, just painted with a metallic looking paint. You can easily prime them and repaint them.

The first image is the resin figure out of the box. Complete with "bronze" color. This figure is Skaoi (Skade), the Goddess of hunting, skiing, winter, in Norse mythology.

I thought it was a good sculpture, but I bought it more for the wolf than anything else. This figure has a green jewel in her right hand, that's kind of interesting as well. As with most resin figures, the detail is amazing, and better than any plastic kit could come close too.



skaoi skadi goddess norse mythology

Here is the figure shot with primer. It might be possible to strip the "bronze" paint off, but the primer covers it fine, and it won't harm the resin. Notice how much more detail can be seen now. (I did cover the jewel with masking tape to protect it).


I've given the wolf a coat of black as a base.
I used Vallejo paints to do this.


While painting and moving the figure, I broke off her right arm.
But it's a simple fix. Drill two pilot holes, insert a piece of rod
(I like to use solder because it's easy to bend)
then use CA (super) glue to attach it together. No problem.



The wolf has been painted, with some dry brushing and washes. It's not quite there for me as far as color, but it's a good start.

I painted some of the rocks on the base so you can see the wolf better. The brown / tan is just a base coat and will be painted with more detail later. A stream is cast in the middle, a nice touch for the figure. There's so many little details here.


The whole point of this is that resin models, even ones that are pre-painted, can be repainted to make a spectacular display. (depending on your paint skills - mine are basic at best - yours will probably be much better).

Check out all the resin figures, and pick
the one that you think fits your style!


Below I've been adding the first layers of color.
These are the base tones, to add lighter and darker shades to.


painting resin figures


Layer by layer the colors are being applied.


warrior and wolf figure resin


The finished figure. My painting is average. There are still a few touch-ups needed here and there. But if you paint figures all the time, I'm sure you could probably do a better job.

I had fun doing this one, and I'm already thinking about doing another. Either way, you can see how much more interesting the painted figure is over the "bronze" look.

By the way, I did change my mind about the rocky base. The light tan looked to much like the "southwest", such as Arizona or Utah. So I repainted it black, with a dry brushed chalk grey to make it look more like a European northern mountain range. Something that might fit in more with the Norse countryside.


painted resn figures solid cast


This is the back of the figure. The detail goes
all the way around, as far as the sculpting.

The Vallejo paints I used are brush painted. They are an acrylic, but flow very well and rarely leave any brush strokes if you use a good brush. Click here for paint sets.

Better painting results can be done with an airbrush.
(I'm just to lazy to use mine here)


resin figures to paint


Here below is another resin figure painted
with Vallejo paint, with a brush




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