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These are other paint brands that may not be specifically for models. But can still be used for painting, weathering, and dioramas.

Or if you're looking for a particular color that's not available in the standard plastic model paint lines.

Popular Paint Brands


Automotive Exact Match Paints, also known as Tru-Color, are an automotive lacquer. You must use a primer on your model first, and you would also need to clear the paint after painting because like real automotive paint, it dries with a matte look.

Click Here for Exact Match Lacquer Paints

Plastikote paints are a general use type but many times are for automotive applications. Though they do have some unique colors too.

Most of their colors are enamel paint, but other special applications can be acrylic, or a special mixture, depending on it's use.

Click Here for Plastikote Paints

Krylon paints are a general use type paint. Though they do have some unique colors and metallics, as well as some surface paints. Some of their paints are for automotive use.

Note that many of their paints don't say what kind of paint they are on the label. (enamel? Acryic? Other?).


Click Here for Krylon Paint

Rustoleum paints are a general use type paint. Though they do have some unique colors and metallics, as well as some unique kinds of surface paints.

They make many kinds of paint specifically for automotive use. Their common paints are enamel, other types of paints could be almost anything (the can may not say).


Click Here for Rustoleum Paints

Duplicolor paints are a general use type paint. Though they do have some unique colors and metallics.

Most of their paints are specific for automotive uses. They make lacquers, enamels, and the hybrid Acrylic-Enamels.


Click Here for Duplicolor Paints

Valspar paints are a general use and automotive type paint. They do have some unique colors.

Valspar doesn't say on the label what kind of paint it is (enamel? Acryic? Other?).


Click Here for Valspar Paints

VHT paints are for automotive use but modelers have been using them for decades. They are primarily an Enamel paint.


Click Here for VHT Paints

Spaz Stix is a Hobby and Craft paint that's available in a bottle for airbrushing, as well as some spray cans.

They offer many different kinds of metallic paints, but also more common colors and some that are very unique. It's main formula is for Lexan, but it has many other uses.


Click Here for Spaz Stix Paints

Alclad lacqers are common for modelers to get accurate metal finishes. From chrome, bronze, silver, or jet exhaust. It's nearly a one of a kind product. It requires primer on a model, and in some cases a base coat if you're applying color.

And you can often get great looking finishes and results that are not available any other way.


Click Here for Aclad Lacquers

Vallejo Paints are an acrylic. They are primarily for brush painting, though they do offer some that are prepackaged as airbrush colors.

The paints have a "self leveling" characteristic, meaning, you can paint them and it's rare they leave any brush strokes when used with a quality brush.


Click Here for Vallejo Acrylic Paints


More Important Information !



When it comes to models, I've been using what I call "Hardware" paint for decades. I still use model paints or course, but if a color is not available that way, or I see a unique color I realy like, I will use the hardware paint out of a can.

Generally most are enamels, but some are automotive lacquer paints (from online or from a parts store). I always use primer with an auto lacquer because those paints, depending on the brand, can be very harsh on a plastic kit. Enough to where it will MELT the PLASTIC into a lumpy blob! Or at least ETCH the plastic and give it a bad texture.

It's true that Tamiya and Testors both make lacquers, but those are a synthetic type, and ok for models. Automotive paints are different.

Using primer I've never had an issue with automotive paint on a plastic model paint.

Many companies don't tell you what kind of paint it is on the label. My guess is that they are some kind of enamel / acrylic hybrid. They dry faster than an enamel, almost as quickly as an acrylic.

The important thing is TO ALWAYS TEST THE PAINT FIRST. I can't stress this enough. Mixing primers, paint, and clear coats is like making a mixed drink. You don't know exactly what you're going to get and how it's effects will be until after you drank a few.

The easiest way to test paints, primer, and clears is to shoot them on cheap, white plastic spoons.

If funky things happen to the spoon, you'll be glad you didnt try that paint, primer or clear coat on a $ 50.00 model.

You can use hardware paint if you know it's limitations. The cans are twice the size of a model paint can and many times cost about the same price. So there are advantages to usng them.


spoon paint tests

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