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Small miniature figures have been around for decades, even more than 100 years.

Originally known as "tin" soldiers, they were used in military gaming or as a tool for military leaders to depict strategies in war time.

Once soldiers retired, the small miniatures soldiers were used to depict battle scenes on large tables and diroamas.

In that sense, gaming with miniatures is an old and honored tradition.

These miniature figures today are still a large hobby, though these kinds are not specifically for gaming. Rather they are just a small form of modeling where artists like to develope their painting skills to depect a scene. Miniature dioramas if you will that tell a story, a small moment in time.

Today, the subjects vary wide, from real life to fantasy. You could be painting a Roman Legionaire one day, and a fantasy elf the next.

Some figures require a small amount of assembly, usually an accessory part, or an arm or leg. Most figure modelers place the model on a base, and add their own modeling touches to make a small diorama.

It's rare two of the same figures will look the same (except on some military figures where accuracy is more important), since they can be painted any way you want to.

These figures average in height at around 54mm (@ 2.54 inches), which is 1/32 scale - 1/35 scale. While that is small, the figures are very detailed. Plus, they don't take up much room. You can store a lot of these figures on display at one time.

These are traditionally painted with a brush. Though some modelers do use a spray can or an airbrush, to apply a primer coat prior to painting.

Since they are painted using a brush, they easily let a modeler enjoy a model building hobby with little fuss. If you live in an apartment or highrise, where using spray paint is not viable, or have limited living space, these are a good choice.

Make no mistake that these are a real hobby with modeling. Famous names like Shepherd Paine, Angel Giraldez, Marike Reimer, Jen Haley, and Anne Foerster all make / made a living painting miniature figures.





These are miniature figures, which are popular to paint. Most are made from white metal, but some can be resin or even plastic.

What makes them so popular is that they cover a wide variety of subjects, from Wild West themes, to Scifi, to Fantasy, to Military.

They average in height at around 54mm (2.54 inches), which is 1/32 scale - 1/35 scale

For a few, assembly is required, usually an arm or accessory to the figure, and CA glue is needed.

painting miniatures angle giraldez

Painting Miniatures

buffalo bill figure

Buffalo Bill

king arthur metal figure

King Arthur

mohawk indian miniature figure

Native American Indian

sioux warrior tin figure

Sioux Warrior

billy the kid metal figure

Billy The Kid

viking with axe miniature figure

Viking with Axe and Shield

french pirate tin figure

French Pirate

fallout sniper figure

Fallout Sniper

amazon warrior miniature figure

Amazon Warrior

lets go pal soldier and dog figure

Let's Go Pal

savior of the galaxy figure

Savior of the Galaxy

fallout sniper figure

Garrus Mass Effect

pirate girl figure

Pirate Girl

nomad figure


suicide squad joker figure

Suicide Squad Joker

rodeo girl figure

Rodeo Girl

mass effect woman figure

Mass Effect Edia

alien woman figure

Alien Woman

nuke raider 54mm figure

Nuke Raider

mass effect woman figure

"Pappy" Boynton Pilot

dragonslayer figure


bank robber 54mm figure

Bank Robber

diana huntress woman figure

Diana the Huntress

fallout armor figure

Fallout Armor

painting minitaures model figures

Painting Miniatures

masterworks miniatures dvd jennifer haley anne foerster

Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster - 3 DVD Set

painting space marines

Advanced Figures

jack sparrow 54mm figure

Jack Sparrow

harley quinn suicide squad figure

Harley Quinn

witch hunter metal figure

Witch Hunter

blackbeard pirate 54mm figure

Blackbeard Pirate

post nuclear raider figure

Post Nuclear Raider

woman pirate metal figure

Woman Pirate

goblin 54mm figure


amazon warrior diana figure

Amazon Warrior

knight with axe metal figure

Knight with Axe

cowboy 54mm figure

Cowboy with Rifle

plague doctor miniature figure

Plague Doctor

gladiator metal figure


fallout power armor 54mm figure

Fallout Power Armor

killzone heighast miniature figure

Killzone Helghast

sherlock holmes bbc cumberbatch figure

Sherlock Holmes

prospector gold 54mm figure

Gold Prospector

pegaso twin blades fantasy 54mm figure

Twin Blades Fantasy

phantom mass effect 54mm figure

Phantom Mass Effect

These are just a few ideas below of how these
miniature figures can be painted.

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