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Military model paints by famous companies such as Testors and Tamiya are popular. The Testors Model Master brand especially.

The military colors and shades cover wartime vehicles, from tanks to trucks to other armor and weapons.

Not just from past wars, all the way to WWI, but paint colors include modern military vehicles as well.

Many contries are represented. From the RAF, the USSR, Germany, Isreali, Italians, to of course, American military vehicles and tanks.

These paints are traditionally flat (or what you would call Matte), meaning, they don't have a shiny finish to them. Just like real military vehicles.

Military aircraft model paints are well represented. Colors like Gull Grey and Blue Angel Blue are staples in the wide range of tones for modern aircraft, such as jets. But older colors are available for aircraft from WWI, such as biplanes, and prop aircraft from WWII.

While some colors are limited, there are paints for naval vessels as well, rounding out the full range of military paint colors for model kits.





Enamel paints take longer to dry. Testors recommend 48 to 72 hours to cure. Enamel paints can be tacky, so you dont want to handle the model after painting it. You will leave fingerprints on it. Give the paint time to dry.

Military paints are traditionally a flat (matte) finish. But there are a few which do have gloss in them.


Testors Enamel Paints

testors sac bomber green paint

Sac Bomber Green

testors olive drab paint

Olive Drab

testors medium green paint

Medium Green

testors dark green paint

Dark Green

testors modern desert sand paint

Modern Desert Sand

testors dark tan paint

Dark Tan

testors afrika mustard paint

Afrika Mustard

testors sac bomber tan paint

Sac Bomber Tan

testors light earth paint

Light Earth

testors imtermediate blue paint

Intermediate Blue

testors dark sea blue paint

Dark Sea Blue

testors blue angels blue paint

Blue Angels Blue

testors panzer gray paint

Panzer Gray

testors gunship gray paint

Gunship Gray

testors camoflague gray paint

Camoflague Gray

testors gull gray gloss paint

Gull Grey (Gloss)

testors gull gray flat paint

Gull Gray (Flat)

testors light sea gray paint

Light Sea Gray

testors aggressor gray paint

Aggressor Gray

testors euro i gray paint

Euro I Gray

testors flat black paint

Flat Black

testors gloss black paint

Gloss Black



Tamiya TS Lacquer Paints


Tamiya TS series paints are a synthetic lacquer that dry in just minutes and cure faster than traditional enamel paints. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. These are especially formulated to work on plastic model kits.


tamiya ts1 red brown paint

Red Brown

tamiya dark greenpaint

Dark Green

tamiya ts3 dark yellow paint

Dark Yellow

tamiya ts4 german gray paint

German Gray

tamiya ts5 olive drab paint

Olive Drab

tamiya ts6 matt black paint

Matte Black

tamiya ts13 gloss clear paint

Gloss Clear

tamiya ts14 black paint


tamiya ts17 gloss aluminum paint

Gloss Aluminum

tamiya ts16 yellow paint


tamiya ts26 pure white paint

Pure White

tamiya ts27 matte white paint

Matte White

tamiya ts28 olive drab paint

Olive Drab

tamiya ts29 semi gloss black paint

Semi Gloss Black

tamiya ts30 silver leaf paint

Silver Leaf

tamiya ts38 gun metal paint

Gun Metal

tamiya ts32 haze gray paint

Haze Gray

tamiya ts33 dull red paint

Dull Red

tamiya ts40 mey=tallic black paint

Metallic Black

tamiya ts55 dark blue paint

Dark Blue

tamiya ts42 light gun metal paint

Light Gun Metal

tamiya ts46 light sand paint

Light Sand

tamiya ts47 chrome yellow paint

Chrome Yellow

tamiya ts48 gunship gray paint

Gunship Gray

tamiya ts61 nato green paint

NATO Green

tamiya ts62 nato brown paint

NATO Brown

tamiya ts63 nato black paint

NATO Black

tamiya ts64 dark mica blue paint

Dark Mica Blue

tamiya ts65 pearl clear paint

Pearl Clear

tamiya ts66 gray paint

Gray IJN

tamiya ts67 gray paint

Gray IJN

tamiya ts68 wooden deck tan paint

Wooden Deck Tan

tamiya ts69 linoleum deck brown paint

Linoleum Deck Brown

tamiya ts70 olive drab paint

Olive Drab JGSDF

tamiya ts71 smoke paint


tamiya ts182 black rubber paint

Black Rubber

tamiya ts76 mica silver paint

Mica Silver

tamiya ts77 flat flesh paint

Flat Flesh

tamiya ts78 field gray paint

Field Gray

tamiya ts79 semi gloss clear paint

Semi Gloss Clear

tamiya ts80flat clear paint

Flat Clear

tamiya ts81 royal light gray paint

Royal Light Gray

tamiya ts91 dark green paint

Dark Green

tamiya ts94 metallic gray paint

Metallic Gray

tamiya ts90 brown jgsdf paint

Brown (JGSDF)

Tamiya AS Lacquer Paints


Tamiya AS series paints are a synthetic lacquer that dry in just minutes and cure faster than traditional enamel paints. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. These are especially formulated to be used on plastic Aircraft model kits (though, they could be used on other plastic kits as well).

The AS-series colors are designed to replicate specific aircraft colors, but I've used them on cars and other kits with no issues.


tamiya as32 medium sea gray  paint

Medium Sea Gray 2RAF

tamiya as31 ocean gray raf  paint

Ocean Gray 2 RAF

tamiya as30 dark green raf  paint

Dark Green 2 RAF

tamiya as29 gray green  paint


tamiya as28 medium gray  paint

Medium Gray

tamiya as27 gunship gray paint

Gunship Gray

tamiya as26 light ghost gray  paint

Light Ghost Gray

tamiya as25 dark ghost gray  paint

Dark Ghost Gray

tamiya as24 dark green german air  paint

Dark Green (German Air)

tamiya as23 light green german air  paint

Light Green (German Air)

tamiya as22 dark earth  paint

Dark Earth

tamiya as21 dark green ijn  paint

Dark Green (IJN)

tamiya as20 insignia white usn  paint

Insignia White (USN)

tamiya as19 intermediate blue  paint

Intermediate Blue (USN)

tamiya as18 light gray ija  paint

Light Gray (IJA)

tamiya as17 dark green ija  paint

Dark Green (IJA)

tamiya as16 light gray usaf  paint

Light Gray (USAF)

tamiya as15 tan usaf  paint

Tan (USAF)

tamiya as14 olive green usaf  paint

Olive Green (USAF)

tamiya as13 green usaf  paint

Green (USAF)

tamiya as12 bare metal silver  paint

Bare Metal Silver

tamiya as11 medium sea gray raf  paint

Medium Sea Gray (RAF)

tamiya as10 ocean gray raf  paint

Ocean Gray (RAF)

tamiya as9 dark green raf  paint

Dark Green (RAF)

tamiya as8 navy blue usn  paint

Navy Blue (USN)

tamiya as7 neutral gray usaaf  paint

Neutral Gray (USAAF)

tamiya as6 olive drab usaaf  paint

Olive Drab (USAAF)

tamiya as5 light blue luftwaffe paint

Light Blue (Luftwaffe)

tamiya as4 gray  violet luftwaffe  paint

Gray Violet (Luftwaffe)

tamiya as3 gray green luftwaffe  paint

Gray Green (Luftwaffe)

tamiya as2 light gray ijn  paint

Light Gray (IJN)

tamiya as1 dark green ijn  paint

Dark Green (IJN)




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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