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Model Car Creations & Ace Cafe Orlando present the 18th Annual Tabletop Nationals NNL Model Show Event

October, 2018 (Day TBA)

Orlando, Florida, USA


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Model Car Creations is an official IPMS club.

The 18th Annual Tabletop Nationals NNL will be taking place in October, 2018. It's presented by the Model Car Creations Club of South Florida.

The event is taking place at the ACE Cafe Orlando, located at 100 West Livington Street, Orlando, Florida, 32801. We did a model show in Orlando once before a few years ago and at the Ace Cafe in 2018. The gracious folks at the Ace Cafe have invited us to join them again in 2019 - to bring you a model show that's bigger and better!

The model show takes place inside the Ace Cafe Orlando, but outside there will be a lot going on for everyone. Including a parking lot filled with classic and custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Since it's October, children dressed in costume can go trunk to trunk looking for treats. There will be a live DJ, plus the Ace Cafe Orlando has a giant out door patio and full service restaurant. The Ace Cafe Orlando is THE place for gearheads, whether it's bikes, cars or trucks. There's something for everyone to enjoy!



An NNL model style event** is a model show that doesn't use the older traditional style of "Judging" and Classes. Meaning, it uses People's Choice awards for specific kinds of subjects (such as the three themes this year). This allows modelers, as well as the general public, to pick their favorites. Everyone gets to participate in choosing the model they like the most.

The atmosphere at an NNL model show is casual, friendly, and fun.

NNL model shows are primarily models of vehicles. You'll see models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. From any era, year, shape or form. They are small artworks of transportation history. Showroom cars, Hot Rods, Race Cars, Pickup Trucks, 18 Wheelers, Street Racers, Tuners, NASCAR, Customs - the subjects are wide and varied.

More than anything else, an NNL Event is a chance for modelers (no matter what kind of models they build) to hang out, swap tips and techniques, visit the vendors, and enjoy the company of fellow builders. It's not a "contest" per se' - it's an event.



There are three special themes for this years show:





Additional "Awards" :

"Tabletop 10"
(These are the models that are
popular by vote behind the Best In Show Award.)


(Note that like any NNL Model event, when we say "Best"we mean the
most popular by voters who have chosen the model as the Favorite model in their view).


  • Event Schedule for the Day
  • 8:00 AM till 9:00 AM - Vendor's Setup.
  • 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM - Registration for modelers.
  • 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM - Vendor area is open, doors open for visitors.
  • 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM - Make N' Take Activity (for kids 12 and under).
  • 12:00 PM till - Ballots will be handed out for voting (until they're gone).
  • 3:00 PM - Awards Ceremony, Special Announcements.


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NNL Florida event flyer

Event Flyer

NNL Florida registration forms

Registration Form
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NNL Model Show forms

Event Rules



  • Registration Fees - Entries
  • Adult: $ 10.00 for 1 to 6 models.(and $1.00 for each additional model)
  • Junior: Free - Unlimited entries.
  • Vendors Fees
  • $ 25.00 for 1 Table
  • $ 40.00 for 2 Tables
  • $ 50.00 for 3 Tables
  Vendor: You don't have to be "company" or a "business" to be a Vendor. If you've got a few hundred (thousands?) of plastic model kits, and you want to "thin the herd" a bit, or sell off some multiples and duplicates, selling as a vendor can help turn those extra kits into cash. Vendor tables are limited, so we only ask that you have plenty of models kits to fill the table(s) you get. The more the better. See ya there!  



(Flyer will be posted here when available)


Categories / Groups
(we use them for model placement purposes
only, to group like models together.)


  • 1. Youth - Any automotive model built by persons of 14 years of age or younger.
  • 2. Factory Stock - Any automotive model that looks as it did when it left the manufacturer's factory. No modifications.
  • 3. Street Machine - Any non factory stock street vehicle, Import or domestic, 1964 and up. Including Pro Street / Touring / Lowrider / Tuner / Pickup Truck / etc.
  • 4. Street Rod - Any non factory stock street vehicle, 1948 and older. Including Pro Street / Touring / Lowrider / Pickup / variations and versions, etc.
  • 5. Custom - Any non factory stock street vehicle, 1949 to 1963. Including Pro Street / Touring / Lowrider / Pickup / variations, etc.
  • 6. Light Commercial - Police cars, Taxis, Light Duty Work Vehicles.
  • 7. Heavy Commercial - Heavy Duty Work Vehicles, Big Rigs, Construction, etc.
  • 8. Open Wheel Competition - All open wheel closed circuit race cars. Indy cars, Champ Cars, Formula 1, etc.
  • 9. Close Wheel Competition - All close wheel closed circuit race cars. NASCAR, Le Mans, IMSA, Rally, Rolex 24, DTM, etc.
  • 10. Straight Liners - If it goes in a straight line for racing, this is your group. Drag Racing.
  • 11. Motorcycles - Must be 1/24 or 1/25 scale, any motorcycle or Trike, 3 wheels or less.
  • 12. Small Scale - Car, Truck or Motorcycle model that's 1/26 scale or smaller.
  • 13. Big Scale - Car, Truck or Motorcycle model that's 1/20 scale or larger.
  • 14. Diorama - All kinds, automotive, military, scifi, airplane, funny, etc
  • 15. Miscellaneous - Any non-automotive model that does not fit in the above categories. Military, Airplanes, Scifi, Figures, whatever model you have.



While the model groups are primarily cars, we do see a lot of other types of models of course. Military trucks, Jeeps, some Scifi and Figures, Robots, anything can show up in the Misc. group, or even in some of the car groups (military trucks in the truck group for instance). If you have a spectacular model of some kind that will "wow!" the crowd, bring it on down.

All modelers are welcome!



we want your model kits

We want to see your models! You've spent countless hours perfecting your craft and adding those fine details. Now it's time to bring those models out into the light and show them off ! Are you part of a model club, or a loose group of model builders? Load up your crew and your builds and head on down to the 17th Annual Tabletop Nationals NNL!

Meet other modelers from around Florida and beyond who share the same hobby as you. There are hundreds of modelers across the State, all waiting to see what you've been building. Share your tips, tactics, and trade secrets. It's all about you!


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Email Us


Show Information:

Jeff Selker

Vendor Information:

A.D. Lasseter


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-// Model Car Creations \\-








  • Vendors
  • Jerrys Display Stands - Custom diplays for your models - Cars, Planes, Ships, whatever you build.



ace cafe map


Google Map for the
location of the event.




make-n-take models

Parents, please register your child early for Make-N-Take as kits are in limited supply.


tabletop nationals model nnl florida


**NNL stands for "National Nameless Luminaries". These types of model shows
were started around 1980 by a friendly group of car modelers, and they have grown into annual National
events across the country. The first NNLs presented no awards at all. Yet they
still became some of the most popular (and biggest)
model shows in the U.S. We have a few "awards" to keep it fun,
but beyond that, it's a social event for modelers to swap ideas
and show off their work.


nnl model show events


There are scale model shows all throughout the year in Florida. Many take place in the larger city areas, such as Jacksonville (Jaxcon) and Orlando, Miami, even Tampa. In the middle or nothern areas of the state. But for Florida, especially the Dade and Broward County areas, model shows are kind of slim. I mean, sure, the southern end of Florida is pretty much the end of the road, at the bottom of the state. But we have a lot of model builders, and a lot of hobbyists. But for some reason, modeling events are rare.

The thing is, especially with car related models, we have some of the premiere builders right here in our state. Builders that are certainly known around the Florida area and some beyond that. They build mind blowing models, with details that most of us average builders (like me) would ever hope to do. You can see one of their models, and almost immediately identify the builder. Their work is impeccable. There's certainly no shortage of good model builders in our area.

Many groups and clubs have tried to carry a model event or show here in south Florida, but it's not easy. The Tabletop Nationals is one of those shows that plugs on, now for 16 years, to give modelers a chance to meetup and have an event. It's a lot of hard work, but it provides a chance for modelers from all over South Florida to shows off their models, and best of all, hook up with other builders in the hobby.

If you build models, any kind of plastic models, we hope you will attend and share your projects. For some modelers, this may be the only event they will get a chance to visit and participate around this area. So forget about the rivet counting judging and stressful effort to place, just to maybe get a $ 5.00 trophy. Get with your model crew and bring some of your models! Or, just swing by to see what's being built by others. No matter if you're from West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or beyond, we hope to see you at the event!


Want to see some /images and videos from past shows? Check them out!


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