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Model Builders Mafia of South Florida

Florida's most active scale model club!


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Model Builders Mafia is a loose group of skilled model builders. Primarily our guys and gals build cars and trucks, but we also dabble in any other kind of model that interests us.

From Scifi, Dioramas, to ships and planes. We don't just sit around and talk about building or collecting kits - we actually build! We are heavy into race cars, along with European and Asian market vehicles, but again, our group will build almost anything.

We are located in south Florida, with modelers from West Palm Beach to Miami, and everywhere in between.

Most of all we just like to enjoy our hobby with other friends and builders from all over. We also like to share what we do and let others see our work


  • How much are the dues to join? - We have no dues, and there is nothing to "join". If you're a modeler - you are welcome to hang out with us at our events. Bring a model! A car, airplane, scifi, military, whatever - We would love to see what you're building.
  • Why "Model Builders Mafia"? Because we're not your traditional "model club". We do things differently, and we rebel against the older formats that clubs tend to still use today. We're more interested in having a good time with modelling and sharing our hobby. Without all the drama.
  • When do you have your meetings? We don't have a structure for "meetings". Since we get together at our events throughout the year (usually at least once a month), we see each other quite often. Most of us have fulltime jobs and careers. So the modellers that can attend do so when they can. We work around our family and job obligations just like everyone else. We're not interested in making your life complicated. If you can attend one of our events - feel free to stop by.
  • Is there an age limit? Not really. If you're a model builder you're welcome.
  • Do you do a model contest / shows like other model clubs? We have display events all during the year, more than just one. Unlike other model club events, we don't charge modelers money for displaying their models. Bring a model to show and share! We're not here to judge your models, or tell you they are good or bad. We just like to talk models, share ideas and tips, and have a good time.
  • Are the models you display diecast toys?
  • NO. Our models are generally plastic or resin, and are comprised of dozens if not 100s of individual parts, all carefully assembled by hand.




We usually have display events almost every month, sometimes more than one. Unlike traditional model clubs that typically do a model "event" once a year, if at all, we like to get involved and share our hobby with the public. So we do display events throughout the year. We're quite active.


Here are some great companies and groups we work with!


  • FARA - We setup with FARA at the Homestead race track. If there's a race at the track then that means we are usually there with a great display.
  • TLM Racing - TLM is a great supporter and racing enthusiest. Watch for the Modl Builder Mafia decals on their race cars. But you will have to loook quick - their cars are fast !
  • Cars & Coffee - We often setup there montly with a lot of models on display. Mostly cars, but some of our guys bring planes, ships or scpae ships. You never know. Plus there are a couple of real cars to check out while you are walking around. Look for our tent!
  • Model Builders Mafia Events and mentions - Follow the link to some other events we have been involved with. We work hard to bring great model displays to almost any event.


Want to add something different to your event?

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Catch us again at the
Fast Expo
January 19, 2020 !!




Special Thanks ! to these folks and business' below. We can't thank them enough for their support of us and the modelling hobby.


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