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Maschinen Krieger (or, Ma.K for short) are models and figures based on the scifi world of by Japanese artist and sculptor Kow Yokoyama. His original concepts date back to the 1980's.

Originally it was called SF3D, and ran as a series of concepts and articles in Hobby Japan, a model magazine. Around this time, NITTO was making plastic model kits of some of the home made constructions presented in the magazine.(That's why some of those older kits say SF3D on the box). Later in the 1980's, the series was up and running again, but was renamed the Maschinen Krieger series.

The story and world behind the models and Ma.K. figures is that there was a World War IV. in 2087, which eliminates most of the population. Earth was made uninhabitable, but eventualy, groups returned to the planet to mine it's resources. This includes colonists, but also criminals and outlaws.

There ends up being two basic groups in control of Earth, for the most part, and two sides to the conflicts. The SDR Strahl Democratic Republic, and the Independent Mercenary Army (IMA).

NITTO made around 21 different kits originally. Those were all plastic injected models. Later, the model company WAVE also made released some kits, some using the NITTO molds it seems. But they make vinyl figures, fully assembled, as well.

Hasegawa makes many of the plastic model kits of Maschinen Krieger Ma.K. today, They've released various kits over the years, and new ones over the years. These are primarily plastic kits you assemble and paint (and weather).

There are two popular scales to the models: 1/20 scale, and 1/35. The 1/35 scale is a military scale, so there are thousands of other model kits that can be adapted and converted for use in the MaK world.

This allows modelers to make custom models, and projects, and some really great dioramas.

Japanese Maschinen Krieger Models and SF3d Independent Mercenary Army (IMA) Kits M.a.k., developed by Kow Yokoyama.


mak falke books


hasegawa fireball sg intruder models

Fireball SG Intruder


Ma.K. Nutcracker


Luna Diver Stingray


Antigravity Armored Raider Griffon


Maschinen Krieger Pkf.85 FALKE


Ma.K Figure Set A Figures


Ma.K Maschinen A.P.50 Hummel


Falke Otsu


LunaDiver Stingray


Falke Raider


SF3D Neuspotter


Maschinen Krieger Altair


MaK LUM-168 Camel


hasegawa armored raider griffon models

PKA Gustav Maschinen Krieger

maschinen krieger sf3d wave neuspotter model

Neuspotter Ma.K.

maschinen krieger safs type r raccoon

MaK S.A.F.S. Type Raccoon

maschinen krieger snake eye recon seapig

Maschinen Krieger Snake Eye

maschinen krieger battle robots v mk44

Battle Robot V MK44

wave maschinen krieger kaus model

Kauz Ma.K Maschinen

maschinen kriger fire ball action figure girl model

Mak Fliege Panzer Kampf

maschinen kriger fireball space type figure model

Maschinen Krieger Safs

showcase 3000 maschinen krieger  model

Maschinen Krieger Runagansu

hasegawa krieger mark iii raptor model

Mak SAFS Mark III Raptor

battle lunar suit mk44 white knight model

Screamin SAFS

screaming safs model

Screamin SAFS

wave safs prototype model

S. A. F. S. Prototype


mak fireball space model

Maschinen Krieger Fireball Space

safs snowman model

Mak S.A.F.S. Snowman

maschinen krieger kuster friedrich

MaK Kuster & Friedrich

maschinen krieger hafs super jerry

MaK H.A.F.S. Super Jerry

maschinen krieger hasegawa mk44 suit ammo knights model

MK07 Ammo Knights V 44

maschinen krieger mak larry pawn

Maschinen Krieger AFSSA E6C

maschinen krieger safs type model

SAFS Type 2C

maschinen krieger mak axe knight model

Maschinen Krieger Axe

sentinel maschinen krieger fireball model

Sentinel MaK Fireball

wave maschinen krieger afs mkii model kit

Maschinen Krieger AFS MKII

mak armored suit model

Mak Armored Fighting Archelon

wave pka ausf k4 setzer figure model

Maschinen Krieger Ketzer

maschinen krieger resin army pilot bust head model

Maschinen Krieger Pilot B

maschinen krieger resin head bust for pilot model

Maschinen Krieger Pilot A

maschinen kreiger dog and cones model

Ma.K. Accessory Set

maschinen krieger resin accessory kit model

Ma.K. Accessory Set 1

tamiya military miniatures gear equipment set

Fieldy Equipment Set

tamiya german fuel drums model

Fuel Drum Set

maschinen krieger graphics books

MaK Graphics Vol.1

maschinen krieger model books

MaK Encyclopedia

mak sketchbook models

MaK Sketchbook

mak sf3d books


maschinen krieger model books

Mak Sf3d Safs

mak sketchbook models

MaK Vol. 3

mak sf3d modelling books

Ma.K. Modeling

mak books Sf3d

mak chronicles


maschinen krieger modelling books

Maschinen Krieger

mak profile books


mak bd books



E.F.G.F. MS Platoon

The EFGF world is similar to the SF3D / MaK style models.
They ae 1/35, so you could mix and match them,
and they also work with 1/35 military / armor accessories as well.


bandai msg platoon briefing hover tank

E.F.G.F. Platoon Briefing with Hover Tank and Figures

uc hardgraph efgf anti ms squad camel model

E.F.G.F. Anti MS Squad Set

bandai platoon m61a5 mian battle tank model

E.F.G.F. M61A5 Main Battle Tank UC Hard Graph

bandai platoon ramba commado set model

Zeon Mobile Scout Set

bandai platoon ramba commado set model

UCHG Earth Federation















miniart winter ball tank model

Winter Ball Tank



miniart soviet ball tank model

Ball Tank



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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