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The are IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) scale model ships. Most are around 1:350 scale, a larger scale where some of the models can be over 3 feet long.

Most have hundreds of parts, but can be a rewarding project to display once assembled.

No Japanese fleet model collection would be complete without the mighty Yamato.

She was the heaviest Battleship ever built in the world. Her 45 calibre main guns were the largest guns ever mounted to a warship.They could fire a shell 26 miles.

She was officially commissioned just after the attack at Pearl Harbor (she did not participate in that event).

She fought in various skirmishes during her career, but was eventually sunk in April of 1945. During her sinking, two of the bow magazines exploded, causing a cloud that reached up in the air more than 3.7 miles. (The sister ship to the Yamato is the Musashi).

Of course many other IJN ships fought in the war, and there are models of these ships, as well as older ships from the Japanese Navy.









Large Scale IJN Japanese Naval ship models.

These are the larger scale ships models that can be quite long to display, but have a large amount of parts to cover every tiny detail.

japanese aircraft carriers

Carrier Zuikaku

tamiya japanese yamato battleship ,odel 78030

Japanese Battleship Yamato
New updated design parts.


tamiya japanese yamato battleships

Japanese Battleship Yamato (Deluxe Version)
Internal Hull reinforcing structure and screws, pivoting rudders, excellent fine raised and engraved surface textures, fully detailed superstructure and weapons, 18" gun turrets with interior detail (including gun breeches) and barbette detail, interchangeable blast bags allow mains guns to be positioned at high or standard elevation, durable ABS mast components, optional position hangar doors, ship's boats, FM1 and E13A seaplanes, anchor chain, fine deck fittings. Large Photo-etch Parts Sheets and refernce booklet.


Japanese Battleship Yamato Special Edition


tamiya imperial japanese heavy cruiser chikuma models

Japanese Heavy Cruiser Chikuma


tamiya imperial japanese destryoer kagero models

Japanese WW2 Navy Destroyer Kagero


tamiya imperial japanese aircraft carrier mogami models

Japanese Navy Mogami


tamiya imperial japanese light cruiser mikuma models

Japanese IJN Light Cruiser Mikuma


tamiya imperial japanese heavy cruiser tone models

Japanese IJN Tone Heavy Cruiser


tamiya imperial japanese heavy cruiser tone models

Japanese IJN Destroyer Yukikaze


tamiya imperial japanese Battleship Musashi models

Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi


aoshima imperial japanese heavy cruiser maya models

Japanese IJN Battle Ship "Kirishima" Updated Edition


aoshima imperial japanese heavy cruiser maya models

Japanese IJN Yamato with Zero Aircraft Model


merit mikasa models

Japanese Battleship Mikasa


fujimi imperial japanese battleship ise models

Imperial Japanese Battleship "Haruna"


fujimi imperial japanese aircraft carrier zuikaky models

IJN Aircraft Carrier "Zuikaku"


fujimi imperial japanese destryoer hyuga models

Maritime Self-defense Force Destroyer Hyuga


hasegawa imperial japanese aircraft carrier akagi models

Japanese Navy IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi


hasegawa imperial japanese destroyer koh yukikaze models

IJN Destroyer Type Koh Yukikaze


hasegawa imperial japanese battleship negato models

IJN Battleship Nagato


IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo


hasegawa imperial japanese battleship mikasa models

Japanese Navy Battleship Mikasa


hasegawa imperial japanese battleship mikasa models

Japanese Navy IJN Light Cruiser Yahagi


Japanese Navy IJN Yamato Battleship


pit road sky way imperial japanese transport vessel models

IJN Transport Vessel (The 101st Type)


fujimi imperial japanese kongo models

Imperial Japanese Navy IJN Battleship Kongo


Imperial Japanese Navy Yukikaze Destroyer


IJN Light Cruiser Yahagi Operation Ten-Ichi-Go


hasegawa ship mikasa battleship imperial japanese models

Japanese Navy Battleship Mikasa 1905


clear display case model ships

Display Case for Ship Models or Dioramas








Glue Deal



tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand



Hobby Tool Sets


Detail Brush Set


Make those panel lines pop for realism



















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