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Japanese Asian (China, Vietnamese, Korean influences) Scifi model kits. Along with Ultraman, Captain Harlock, Yamato, and many more.


japanese yamato 2199 mechanics magazine

Yamato 2199

hasegawa arcadia space pirate second battleship

Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia


bandai yamato 2199 battleship

Space Battle Ship Yamato 2199


hasegawa crusher joe minerva model

Crusher Joe Minerva


hasegawa space wolf yuki  model

Space Wolf 190 Custom


Cosmo Falcon (SHINOHARA)


bandai yamato dreadnought model

UNCFD-1 Dreadnought


hasegawa operation omega model

Operation Omega Patrol Hopper


Last Exile Vanship Torpedo Equipped Machine


Aoki Steel of Arpeggio Scarlet Fleet U-2501


Core Booster Fighter Version Ka


U.N.C.F. D-1 Mars Absolute Defense Line Set


Gatchaman II New God Phoenix


Ghost in the Shell Uchikoma


Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma


Ghost in the Shell Jigabachi AV


Ghost in the Shell HAW206 Tank Prototype


Arise Logicoma


Armored Core Crest CR-C75U2


Armored Core Mirage C05-Selena


Armored Core Agni UCR-10L


Armored Core Ambient 063AN


Armored Core Malicious RIP3M


Metal Gear Rex


Cosmo Zero 52 Fighter


SCV-70 White Base


Star Blazers UX-01


Trunks Time Machine


fujimi ultra seven sub model

Ultra Seven Submarine


bandai general franky model

Iron Pirates General Franky


bandai g-armor model

G-Armor Fighter


Star Blazers U.N.C.F. Andromeda Class DX


RTX65 Guntank




Skygrasper FX550


Blue Steel Submarine 401


bandai msg platoon briefing hover tank

E.F.G.F. Platoon Briefing with Hover Tank and Figures


bandai starblazers yamato model

Starblazers Battleship Yamato


bandaistarblazers yamato analyzer model

Cosmo Navy Analyzer Robot


bandai wild tiger model

Wild Tiger

bandai barnaby brooks tiger and bunny model

Barnaby Brooks

Wild Tiger - Barnaby Brooks Chaser Vehicle


hasegawa arcadia space pirate battleship kit from the movie

Space Pirate Battle Ship Arcadia


fujimi ultra hawk 3 model

Ultra Hawk 3


bandai cosmo zero  model

Cosmo Zero Kodai


hasegawa space wolf yuki  model

Space Wolf Yuki Kei


bandai starblazers yamato model

Starblazers Battleship Yamato


hasegawa crusher joe alfin  model

Crusher Joe Fighter 2 with Alfin Figure


bandai black bird  model

Autonomous Space Fighter Black Bird


hasegawa vanship model

Tatiana's Van Ship


Portanova Blue


Alto Yellow


hasegawa ultra hawk 1 model

Ultra Hawk 001


bandai yamato model

Battleship Yamato


Space Pirate Cruiser ARCADIA


Isao Shinden


bandai cosmo falcon model

Fighter Attack Cosmo Falcon


Bulma's Variable Bike


hasegawa ultra hawk with figure model

MAT VEHICLE with Crew Member


fujimi tdf ultra seven model

TDF PO-I Pointer Ultra Seven


hasegawa mat vehicle model

Return of Ultraman MAT VEHICLE


hasegawa mat vehicle with figure model

MAT VEHICLE with Crew Member


hasegawa jet vtol spaceship model

Ultraman Jet VTOL Hydro Genade Sub Rocket


Ultraman Hydro Sub Rocket with Akiko Figure


hasegawa jet vtol  model

Ultraman Jet VTOLBeetle


wave mat arrow 2  model

Ultraman Monster Attack Team Mat Arrow 2



wave mat arrow 2  model

Ultraman Monster Attack Team Mat Gyro


aoshima mach v  model

Speed Racer Mach V


Cyber Formula with Figure


polar lightslindberg godzilla model


polar lightslindberg godzilla model


meng wandering earth model

Wandering Earth Transport Truck


meng wandering earth ore truck model

Wandering Earth Iron Ore Truck


meng wandering earth spaceship model

Wandering Earth Space Station


meng liu figure model

Liu Qi

meng han figure model

Han Duoduo













led lights for scale models

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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