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These are racing model kits of many of your favorite kinds of racing. From early Rally racing, countryside racing, prototype race cars, and even IMSA style cars.

These scale model cars represent the Mazda, Toyotas, Nissan Skylines, and many other cars that race on different circuits world wide, Internationaly.

The Mazda 787s with their 4-rotor engines, to the road racing cars from TRD and NISMO. It's the exciting world of racing and competition.

These model car kits have high color decals and extra racing parts. Many have full roll cages, detailed engines, and specialized cockpits. In other words, there's plenty of details to keep you busy.

On Rally model cars, you often get extra off-road lighting, wings, spoilers, and custom wheels.

These kits vary by manufacturer, such as Aoshma, Fujimi, Doyusha, Hasegawa, even Revell and AMT / MPC.

While modern Rally cars are very popular, many modelers remember the older cars and circuits as well. And the model companies delivery many of these kids of cars. The old Celicas, Silvias, Skylines, 240Zs, GTRs, and others.

Between the wild paint schemes and large decal sheets, there's no missing out on the cars that will catch your eye. Whether on your own shelf at home, or the contest table, the intracite details speak for themselves.

Some of the model kits are resin, but most are plastic.





Japanese Race car models. Nissan, Mitsubish, Toyota, and others. Model car kits from Tamiya, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Revell, and many more.





hasegawa jaccs honda model car


hasegawa piaa honda civic

PIAA Honda Civic

aoshima honda civic car model

Honda Civic EF3 Gr.A Motul

hasegawa castrol honda civic model car

Castrol Honda Civic

hasegawa honda civic jtcc model car

JTCC Honda Civic

hasegawa stp honda civic model car

STP Civic

hasegawa jtcc mugen honda civic

JTCC MUGEN Honda Civic

hasegawa bp civic model car

JTCC BP Tranpio Civic

hasegawa civic yamato model car

Civic SB1 Team Yamato

hasegawa piaa honda civic

PIAA Honda Civic

hasegawa civic razo model car

Civic RAZO

hasegawa civic sb1 yamato model car

Civic SB1 Team Yamato




hasegawa ladies 1990

Tokyo Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Tokyo Ladies Set

hasegawa ladies model figures

Modern Girls

hasegawa racing ladies paddock model figures

Racing Ladies Set




hasegawa mazda 767b model car

Mazda 767B

revell mazda rx7 model

Mazda RX7 with Racing Parts

hasegawa mazda 767

Finish Line Mazda 767B

hasegawa mazda 767 car model

Mazda 767B

aoshima mazda rx7 silhouette

Savanna RX-7 Silhouette

aoshima rx7 race car mazda sa22c model kit

Mazda Savanna RX-7

aoshima d1 rx7 hpi model

TD1 Mazda RX7 HPI

aoshima panspped rx7 d1 model

Panspeed Rx7 D1




hasegawa mitsubishi lancer evo

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

fujimi lancer evo 7 mitsubishi model

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII

hasegawa lancer evo safari model car

Mitsubishi Lancer Safari

hasegawa lancer rally model car

Mitsubishi Lancer

hasegawa mitsubishi lancer model car

Mitsubishi Lancer

hasegawa lancer evo v safari model car

Lancer Safari

hasegawa mitsubishi galant vr4 rally

Mitsubishi Galant Rally

hasegawa galant rally

Mitsubishi Galant Rally

tamiya laner evo mitsubishi model

Mitsubishi Galant VR4

tamiya laner evo mitsubishi model

Mitsubishi Lancer WRC

tamiya laner evo v wrc mitsubishi model

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V



Nissan (& Datsun)


aoshima endurance skyline model car

Skyline Endurance

aoshima liberty walk charasuka model car

Charasuka Works

hasegawa yhp nissan model car

YHP Nissan

beemax celica rally model car

Nissan 240 Safari

tamiya cabin nissan r90v car model

Cabin R90V Nissan

hasegawa calsonic gts skyline model car

Calsonic Skyline GTS

hasegawa nissan calsonic r91cp model car

Calsonic R91CP

hasegawa 240z datsun safari model car

Safari Datsun 240Z

aoshima skyline turbo silhouette super model

Skyline Super Silhouette

tamiya castrol skyline car model

Castrol Nissan Skyline

jada jdm datsun nissan 240z model

Nissan-Datsun 510

jada jdm datsun nissan 240z model

Nissan-Datsun 240Z

hasegawa nissan safari

Datsun 24OZ Safari Rally

aoshima liberty walks hakosuka

Calsonic Nissan Skyline

tamiya nissan r390 gt1 car model

Nissan R390 GT1

revell mazda rx7 model

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT

jada jdm datsun gtr skyline model

Nissan Skyline GTR

jada jdm nissan gtr model

Nissan GTR

tamiya mobil 1 sc model car

Nissan Skyline GTR

fujimi fairlady car model

Datsun Fairlady

jada nissan skyline gtr model

Nissan Skyline GTR

aoshima silvia s15 car model

S15 Silvia

fujimi skyline napolex model

Nissan Skyline Napolex

aoshima race skyline car model

Nissan Skyline 2000GT

aoshima drift defiro d1 model

Tengoku Drift Cefiro D1

aoshima jecs skyline r32

JECS Skyline R32 GT-R

fujimi skyline taisanx model

R32 Skyline Taisan

hasegawa nissan bluebird 1600 safari

Nissan Bluebird Safari

tamiya xanavi nissan nismo gtr model car kits

Nissan NISMO GT-R R35

aoshima nissan 240rs car model

Nissan 240 RS

aoshima nissan skyline 5 car model

Nissan Skyline

aoshima nissan skyline 5 car model

Nissan Skyline 2000GT

hasegawa r89c car model

Calsonic R89C

aoshima diesel skyline nissan car model

Diesel Kiki P`Chiba Skyline

aoshima d1 hyper silvia model car

Hyper Silvia

hasegawa yhp nissan

YHP Nissan R89C

tamiya nissan r89c model

Nissan R89C

aoshima skyline-21 car model

Skyline 21 R32 GT-R

hasegawa toyota denso 88c

Skyline 2000GT-R

tamiya castrol nissan model

Castrol Primera JTCC

aoshima nissan silvia super silhouette

Nissan Silvia Silhouette

aoshima nissan super silhouette

Nissan Super Silhouette

fujimi racing parts model kits

2 - Nissan Engines

aoshima liberty walks hakosuka

Liberty Walk Koyaji

aoshima d1 silvia model car

D1 Nissan Silvia

hasegawa diesel skyline model car

Diesel Skyline

bre datsun 510 model car

BRE Datsin 510

platz d1 silvia model car

Nissan D1 Silvia

fujimi motol gtr model car

BRE Datsun 240z

fujimi motol gtr model car





heller subaru wrc

Subaru WRC

jdm wrx sti model car


tamiya subaru impreze wrc rally model cars

Subaru Impreza WRC

tamiya impreza wrc monte carlo model car kits

Subaru Impreza WRC MC

hasegawa subaru 360 car model

Subaru 360

hasegawa subaru rally model car

Subaru Regashii RS

hasegawa legacy rs rally model

Subaru Legacy WRC

hasegawa legacy rs rally model

Subaru Legacy RS




tamiya toyota ts050 hrbrid race car model

Toyota TS050 Hybrid

hasegawa corolla levin model car

Toyota Corolla Levin

hasegawa celica toyota model car

Toyota Celica 1600GT

hasegawa toyota corolla wrc model car

Corolla WRC

hasegawa stp toyota model car

STP Toyota 87C

aoshima vertex silvia s15 car model

Toyota Celica Turbo

hasegawa denso toyota

Denso Toyota 88C

hasegawa toyota 88c model car

Toyota 88C

hasegawa minolta toyota model car

Minolta Toyota 88C

tamiya toyota gt1 minolta model car kits

Minolta Toyota 88 CV

hasegawa toyota denso 88c

Skyline 2000GT-R

aoshima beemax toyota levin

Toyota Corolla Levin AE92

tamiya castrol toms toyota supra model

Castrol Toyota Toms Supra

tamiya 24125 toyota celica castrol

Ralley Castrol Celica

tamiya toyota gt1 one model car kits

Toyota GT-One TS020

tamiya toyota gazoo trd model kit


tamiya cerumo jtcc car model

Toyota Ceruma EXIV JTCC

bandai yellow supra car model

Toyota Supra

revell wrc  corolla rally

Toyota Corolla WRC

hasegawa 2000 gt 24 hour

Toyota 2000GT

hasegawa denso toyota

Toyota Corolla WRC

hasegawa advan toyota corolla model

Advan Toyota Corolla

jada nissan skyline gtr model

Landmark Corolla

aoshima nissan 240rs car model

Toyota Corona JTCC

hasegawa ten tom corolla model

Ten Tom Corolla

hasegawa celica 1600 1972

Toyota Celica 1600GT

studio 27 resin toyota car model

Studio 27 TOYOTA 89CV LM

studio 27 resin toyota car model

Studio 27 TOYOTA86C

aoshima toyota celica ta64 model car

Toyota Celica TA64

hasegawa toyota safari corolla model car

Toyota Corolla Safari

tamiya celica turbo model car

Toyota Celica Turbo

hasegawa rally corolla model car

Toyota Corolla Rally

hasegawa toyota levin model car

Toyota Corolla Levin





tamiya mobil 1 sc model car

Mobil 1 SC

tamiya raybrig nsx

Raybrig NSX

figures for car models


the car modellers handbooks

Car Modeller's Handbook

car modeling manual japan

Car Modeling

sports car modeling cobra book

Sports Car Modelling







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