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Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's, when the first Japanese cars started coming to the U.S., no one thought to much of it. Except they were small, different, and probably under powered for the time.

Of course, when the 1973 gas embargo happened, everything changed. Suddenly, small cars, with smaller engines, were sought after by millions of Americans. My own mother traded in her Impala and bought a new Mazda RX3 Wagon. Just 3 years earlier, our neighbor across the street had bought a brand new 1970 Datsun 240z (in a silver color, though I would say that was more of a sports car purchase than out of necessity).

That was the foot in the door that the Japanese automakers needed, and suddenly they were almost everywhere. Especially the small pickups, like the Nissan D21s or the Toyota Hilux.

As time went by, most of these cars were traded in and ended up in junkyards. But today, things have changed, very much so.

The collector cars market has embraced the older, small, compact Japanese cars from Asia. Sure, most don't have comforts, like power steering, or air conditioning, but their body designs are timeless. And now, classic.

Toyota Corollas, Datsun 510's and 710s. Mazda RX3's. The '78 to '85 Mazda RX7s. Datsun 240 and 280Z cars. Now they are looked upon as cars folks remember them, they and want to own and upgrade them.

At the same time, the Japanese car companies continued development on new types of cars. Nissan created a new GT-R, based on a long history of Skylines from Japan. Now they had a super car on their hands.

Toyota started their TRD (Toyota Racing Development) programs. Honda's have their V-Tec engines. The world was exploding with reliable, but fast machines based on a long heritage of Japanese car models.

Now you can build model kits of a lot of these cars, from the classic older models to the latest Lexus LFA and Subaru BRZ.

Companies such as Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi, and others, keep making new kits of our favorites. In the past, most of the kits were curbside models, but not anymore. Now you can get them with full engine bays and engines, extra wings and hop up parts, and even photoetch.

If you've been wanting to build a classic kit, or just want to explorer some Japanese culture, building one of these model kits can be a lot of fun, and will give you a new model building experience.

But you might also be building a car you grew up with, or remember a neighbor owning.

Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and many more great Asian model sports cars. From model manufacturers such as Tamiya, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Revell, Doyusha, and others.



tamiya honda acura nsx

Acura NSX

tamiya nsx acura model kit

Acura NSX

fujimi integra type r mugen model kit

Mugen Integra Type R

fujimi acura integra r model kit

Integra R

fujimi integra  model kit

Integra Type R

jada mia acura model kit





fujimi daihatsu move model

Diahatsu Move

fujimi leeza aero

Daihatsu Leeza Z Aero

fujimi mira turbo aero

Midget II





fujimi honda civic r

Honda Civic Type R

hasegawa honda civic vtec model car

Civic VTEC

suki fast faurious s2000 poster

Suki Poster

jada toyota ft1 model car kits

Suki's S2000

tamiya honda city cabriolet model kits

Honda City Cabriolet

fujimi honda crx si car kits

Honda CRX Si

fujimi honda crz car kits

Honda CR-Z

doyusha honda 1300 car

Honda 1300S 99S

tamiya honda s600 model car kit

Honda S600

fujimi miracle honda civic car models

Honda Miracle Civic

fujimi honda today  model

Honda Today

nissan elgrand highway star van model kit

Honda Stepwgn Van

hasegawa honda n60

Honda N360

nissan elgrand highway star van model kit

S-MX Low Down

fujimi honda civic r  model

Honda Civic Type R

fujimi mugen crz model

Mugen CRZ

fujimi honda civic r  model

Honda Odyssey Absolute

fujimi honda nsx-r model

Honda NSX-R

fujimi accord wagon 24t model

Honda Wagon 24T

revell civic coupe model

Honda Civic

honda ebbro jet model

Honda Jet

honda tiller  model

Honda F90 Tiller & Figure




academy hyundai azera model car

Hyundai Azera

academy hyundai azera model car

Hyundai Santa Fe


academy hyundai hg model car

Hyundai Grandeur HG





tamiya isuzu vehicross model cars

Isuzu Vehicross

fujimi royal saloon model cars

Isuzu Gala Royal Saloon

fujimi isuzu piazza kits

Isuzu Piazza XE

fujimi isuzu beret kits

Isuzu Beret 1600GT-R




hasegawa ladies 1990 figures models

Shopping Ladies Set

hasegawa racing ladies paddock model figures

Racing Ladies Set

hasegawa ladies model figures

Car Show Ladies Set

hasegawa two ladies model figures

Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

70's Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Shopping Ladies Set




fujimi lexus ls600hl model

Lexus LS600HL

fujimi lexus hs250h model

Lexus HS250

tamiya lexus lfa model car kits

Lexus LFA

fujimi lexus is300 aero model

Lexus IS350 Aero Option

fujimi lexus ls460 model

Lexus LS460L

fujimi lexus is350 model car kits

Lexus IS350


tamiya lfa full view clear body model cars

Clear Body Lexus LFA




fujimi mazda rx7 model

Mazda RX7 FD3S

hasegawa cosmo model car kits

Mazda Cosmo & Figure

fujimi mazda rx7  model

Mazda RX7

fujimi mazda rx7 police model

Mazda RX7 Police

fujimiluxus is350 model car kits

Mazda RX7

aoshima heart 2 mazda rx8 model car

Tamaki Kosaka Mazda RX8

fujimi mazda rx7 turbo model cars

Mazda RX7 Turbo

fujimi mazda familia 323 car models

Mazda Familia 323

tamiya mazda mx5 roadster with figure model kit 24342

MX5 & Driving Figure

revell mazda miata model

Mazda Miata

amt toyota pickup truck lindberg

Mazda Flair Crossover

jada mazda rx3 model car kits

APEX Mazda RX7

tamiya rx7 model

Mazda RX7 R1

tamiya rx7 model

Mazda Efini RX7

fujimi mazda rx3 car models

Mazda RX3 GT

fujimi lexus ls400 model cars

Mazda Savanna Rx-7

fujimi honda crx model car kits

Mazda RX3

fujimi prius police model

Mazda RX8

hasegawa ultraman car MAT vehicle model

Ultraman Cosmo

jdm mazda rx7 model

Mazda RX7

fujimi mazda rx7 anime  model car kits

Mazda RX7 Magustale

fujimi mazda rx7 r-type model car kits

Mazda RX7 Spirit R

fujimi mazda rx7 model car kits

Mazda RX7

initial d rx7 model car kits

Initial D Mazda RX7

initial d rx7 model car kits

Initial D Mazda RX7

jada mazda rx3 model car kits

Mazda RX3


model car wheel sets




hasegawa gto galant model car

Galant Galant GTO

hasegawa mitsubishi galant gto model car

Mitsubish Galant GTO

fujimi fuso fv cab tractor truck and trailer

Mitsubishi Fuso FV High Cab Tractor and Transporter Trailer

hasegawa colt galant gto model car


revell fat furious mitsubishi eclipse

F&F Mitsubishi Eclipse

fujimi mitsubishi FTO model car kits

Mitsubishi FTO

fujimi mitsubishilancer V gsr

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR

fujimi mitsubishi starion model kit

Mitsubishi Starion GSRX

fujimi lancer evo sport model

Lancer Evo Sport

tamiya lancer evolution vi model

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI

fujimi skyline gtr m

Mitsubishi Lancer GSE EVO

arii celica gt model car kits

Mitsubishi Pajero

tamiya mitsubishi gto twin turbo car model kits

Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

fujimi mitsubishi colt model kits

Subaru Impreza

fujimi mitsubishi colt model kits

COLT Elegance Version

fujimi lancer gsr model kits

Mitsubishi Lancer VIII GSR

fujimi mitsubishi lancer gsr model kits

Lancer EVO

fujimi mitsubishi lancer gsr model kits

Lancer EVO

hasegawa vr4 model kits

Galant VR4


hasegawa gsr model kits

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO


Nissan (& Datsun)


revell datsun pickup truck d21 model kit

Datsun Pickup 4X4

hasegawa mr z datsun model

JPN Taxi

hasegawa suzui

Nissan Hardbody 4x4 Pickup

tamiya nissan 370z model car

Nissan 370Z Heritage

revell datsun turbo 280zx model

Datsun 280ZX Turbo

mpc datsun pickup truck model

Datsun Pickup

fujimi skyline r32 nismo model


fujimi elgrand fr van kits

Nissan Elgrand X

mpc monster datsun pickup truck

Datsun Monster Truck

fujimi nissan gtr skyline model car kit

Nissan Skyline GT-R

fujimi nissan cube model

Nissan Cube

hasegawa nissan sunny pickup truck model kit

Nissan Sunny Long Body

testors nissan mid 4 car

Nissan MID 4

arii nissan 280x

Nissan 280z

tamiya nissan nismo gtr model car kits

Nissan Nismo R34 GTRZ

fujimi nissan skyline r32 model

Nissan Skyline

tamiya nissan nismo 350z model car kits

Nissan NISMO 350Z

arii skyline rs

Skyline 2000 Turbo RS

haegawa nissan datsun 240z model cars

Datsun Fairlady Z432R

fujimi nissan skyline r33 kits

Nissan Nismo R33 GT-R

fujimi nismo march s-tune model cars

Nismo March S-tune

fujimi honda civic type-r model cars

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

hasegawa nissan sunny truck model

Nissan Sunny Pickup

tamiya nissan silvia model

Nissan Silvia

fujimi skyline gt-ex model cars

Nissan Skyline Turbo GT-EX

fujimi fairlady full works model kits


fujim ken mary nissan skyline 2000

Nissan Kenmeri

haegawa nissan fairlady model cars

Nissan Fairlady 240ZG

tamiya nissan 300zx model

Nissan 300ZX

aoshima kenji 180sx model

Nissan 180SX

fujimi nissan 180sx model

Nissan 180SX Type-X

fujimi nissan gtr tokyo model

Nissan GTR Tokyo

aoshima nissan skyline v spec model kits

Nissan R33 Skyline GTR

fujimi nissan fairlady z car models

Nissan Fairlady Z

fujimi toyota chaser twincam model cars

Skyline R34 GTR NISMO

fujimi nissan 180sx model

Nissan 180SX

maisto nissan 370z model car kits

Nissan 350Z

jada sopra jdm nissan gtr

Sopra Nissan GTR

jada nissan 350z model car kits

Nissan 350Z

jada jdm nissan gtr

Greddy Nissan GTR

tamiya nissan fairlaidy nismo model car kits

Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO

jad gtr skyline car models

Nissan Skyline GTR

fujimi nissan mid 4 model

Nissan Mid 4

fujimi nissan skyline turbo gtr model kit

Nissan Skyline R34 Turbo

aoshima k break vip aristom model cars

Skyline GTS R

hasegawa nissan 240z police model

Fairlady 240ZG Police

fujimi skyline touge  model

Nissan Skyline Touge

fujimi nissan silvia model kit

Nissan Silvia

fujimi nissan 300zx

Nissan 300ZX

fujimi nissan skyline gt-r

Nissan Skyline GT-R

fujimi skyline-r32 model

Nissan Fairlady

fujimi nissan march ems model

Nissan March EMS

tamiya toyota supra gt model car kits

Nissan Silvia

jada fast furious nissan skyline brian

Nissan Skyline GT-R

fujimi nissan skyline 350gt coupe nismo model kit

Nissan Mid 4 II

fujimi nissan 280zx airone model kit

Fairlady 280Z-T Airone

fujimi s12 silvia model cars

Silvia Turbo RS-X

fujimi veilside silvia model

Veilside Silvia

fujimi 280z

Datsun 280z

fujimi silvia s14

Nissan Silvia

fujimi s13 rs13 car kits

Sileighty S13+RS13

hasegawa 240z car kits

Datsun 240Z

fujimi skyline police car kits

Nissan Skyline Patrol

doin donuts

Drift Life

fujimi r32 nissan skyline gtr

R32 Skyline GT-R

fujimi nissan gtr sport car kits

Nissan GTR Super Sport

fujimi laurel medalist car kits

Nissan Laurel Medalist

fujimi nissan 300zx car kits

Nissan Tohge 300ZX

fujimi laurel medalist car kits

Nissan March

fujimi elgrand fr van kits

Nissan Elgrand X

aoshima super z

Western Police Super Z

western police and tank car 4wd

Western Police Safari Tank

tamiya nissan 350z track model

Nissan 350Z Track

fujimi ken skyline model

Nissan Skyline

aoshima kenji 180sx model

Nissan Skyline GTSR

fujimi silvia veilside model

Racing Start Veilside Silvia




fujimi subaru legacy wagon touring model kit

Subaru Legacy Wagon GTB

hasegawa subaru 360 young ss car model kits

Subaru 360 Young-SS

fujimi subaru impreza

Subaru Impreza Sti

amt subaru brat 4x4 model car

Subaru Brat

tamiya subaru brz model cars

Subaru BRZ

hasegawa legacy wagon model cars

Subaru Legacy Wagon

hasegawa subaru 360 model cars

Subaru 360 Deluxe

fujimi legacy moon

Legacy Moonlight Cradle

fujimi honey coming subaru impreza  model

Subaru Impreza

fujimi love plus subaru wrx model kit

Love Plus Subaru Impreza

tamiya brz street racer

BRZ Street Racer

tamiya subaru wrx sti model kits

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

hasegawa subaru rs model car

Subaru Legacy RS

fujimi subaru wrx sti limited kits

Subaru Impreza WRX Sti

fujimi initial d subaru wrx model car

Subaru Legacy B4

fujimi subaru legacy model car

Ro-Kyu-Bu! Subaru Legacy

hasegawa subaru wrx model car

Subaru Legacy WRX

doin donuts

Doin' Donuts


doyusha subaru model car

Subaru Leone




fujimi suzuki esudo model car kits

Suzuki Escudo

fujimisuzukiwagon rrmodel

Suzuki Wagonr R

fujimi alto suzuki twin cam

Suzuki Alto Twin Cam Turbo

fujimi suzuki jimny model car

Suzuki Jimny Custom

fujimi pink suzuki hustler model

Suzuki Hustler

hasegawa suzuki

Suzuki JA11

aoshima suzuki wagon rx model car kits

Suzuki Wagon Rx

fujimi suzuki hustler model

Suzuki Hustler

suzuki jimny model car kits

Suzuki Jimny





fujimi altezza rs200 model

Toyota Supra GR

amt toyota pickup truck lindberg

Toyota Truck 4x4

fujimi fj cruiser model

Toyota FJ Cruiser

fujimi supra turbo model car

Toyota Supra

fujimi prius police model

Toyota Prius Police

fujimi toyota alphard gf 3.5 model

Toyota Alphard GF

fujimi mark II set model

Toyota Mark II Set

fujimi toyota alphard gf 3.5 model

Toyota Supra Turbo

fujimi toyota supra turbo model cars

Toyota Supra Turbo

tamiya toyota 86 model cars

Toyota 86

tamiya toyota aa model kit

Toyota Model AA with Figure

fujimi estima van

Toyota Fabulous Estima

fujimi toyota ae86 trueno kits

Toyota AE86 Trueno

jada toyota 2000 gt model car kits

Toyota 2000 GT

fujimi fairlady 240z full works car kits

Toyota 3000GT SUPRA Turbo

fujimi toyota chaser twincam model cars

Toyota Avante Twincam

fujimi ae86 gt apex car models

Trueno 2 Door GT/APEX

revell toyota mr2 car models

Toyota MR2

fujimi toyota mr2 aw11 model cars

Toyota MR2

fujimi toyota levin gt model cars

Toyota Levin 1600GT

fujimi estima ems model car kits

Toyota Estima EMS

fujimi toyota chaser x40 model cars

Toyota X40 Chaser

fujimi toyota bb model car kits

Toyota BB

fujimi toyota fj cruiser model

Toyota FJ Cruiser

fujimi prius model car kits

Toyota Prius

fujimi estima van police van model

Toyota Estima Patrol

fujimi scion xb bb kits

Toyota bB Q & X Version

fujimi nissan fairlady z car models

Toyota MR2

toyota sai g car

Toyota SAI G

tamiya toyota celica


fujimi toyota altezza model

Toyota Atltezza

fujimi diva f toyota prius car models

Project DIVA Toyota Prius

fujimi high score soarer model car kits

Toyota Soarer High Score

hasegawa toyota celica gt race car model kits

Toyota Celica 1600GT

imai celica coupe micro ace model

Toyota Soarer 3.0GT

tamiya toyota hiace delivery van truck model kit

Hiace Quick Delivery Van

fujimi toyota fitz model

Toyota Vitz

fujimi toyota vitz model

Toyota Vitz

fujimi landcruiser 80 model

Toyota Landcruiser 80

fujimi landcruiser model car kits

Toyota Land Cruiser 100

fujimi toyota estima fab van model

Toyota Estima Van

fujimi toyota altezza model kit

Toyota Altezza

hasegawa celica gt 1600

Toyota Celica 1600GT

fujimi nissan 180sx model

Toyota Celsior

hasegawa celica 1600 gt model car kits

Toyota Celica 1600GT

fujimi landcruiseri model kit

Toyota Landcruiser 100

fujimi toyota corona mark II grande model kits

Toyota Corona Mark.II

fujimi toyota bb version q and x model kits

Toyota bB Q and X Version

fujimi ae86 sprinter

Toyota AE86 Sprinter

fujimi toyota estima zeus model

Toyota Estima Zeus

arii toyota celica model

Toyota Celica

fujimi soarer model

Toyota Soarer

arii totota supra model

Toyota Supra

arii toyota grande model

Toyota Mark II Grande

amt toyota sr5 pickup truck

Toyota Pickup 4x4

fujimi fj cruiser yellow model

Toyota FJ Cruiser

initial d toyota model kit

Initial D Toyota with Figure

fujimi estima gx model

Toyota Estima GX

fujimi estima patrol model

Toyota Estima Patrol

fujimi miracle celica x model

Toyota Celica X

fujimi miracle mr2 model

Toyota MR2

hasegawa toyota 2000 gt model car

Toyota 2000GT

fujimi ika prius g model

Toyota Prius G Tuning

fujimi chara de car altezza model

Sendou Erika Altezza

fujimi toyota supra model

Toyota Supra 3.0

fujimi soarer 3.0 model

Toyota Soarer 3.0

fujimi soarer 3.0 mark II model

Corolla Levin BZG

fujimi soarer 3.0 mark II model

Mark II Tourer V

hollywood rides 1989 batmbile with figure

Brians Supra with Figure

hasegawa celica gt model

Toyota Celica 1600GT

toyota coasters

Toyota AE86 Initial D

fujimi soarer model

Kousaka Tamaki Altezza

tamiya celica 2000 gtr model

Toyota Celica 2000 GTR

toyota brian supra

Toyota Supra

amt ff supra

Toyota Supra

amt ff supra

Toyota Supra

tamiya toyota 2000gt model

Toyota 2000GT & Figure

tamiya toyota bb model

Toyota BB

tamiya toyota bb model

Toyota Corolla APEX

tamiya toyota bb model

Toyota Celica GT4

fujimi altezza rs200 model

Altezza RS200

arii skyline turbo model

Skyline Turbo

fujimi ipsum model

Toyota Ipsum Crossover L

arii toyota mark II model

Toyota Mark II


hasegawa starlet model

Toyota Starlet




fujimi acura integra type r model kit


fujimi hiso mid 4 model kit

Hi-So Mid 4

fujimi tdf pointer perfect model

TDF Pointer Perfect Mode

fujimi art dump truck

Art Dump Truck

aoshima asurado formula 10 model

Asurada AKF-11

aoshima asurado formula 1o left model

Asurada AKF-11

fujimi infiniti q45

Infiniti Q45

polar lights back to the future time machine delorean car model

Speed Racer Mach V

fujimi road display

Road Display

anime manga catgirls

K-on! Garage

the car modellers handbooks

Car Modeller's Handbook

car modeling manual japan

Car Modeling

sports car modeling cobra book

Sports Car Modelling

Fast Furious Cars

The Cars of the Fast and the Furious: The Making of the Hottest Cars on Screen

cars of the fast and furious movies

The Fast and The Furious: The Official Car Guide: All the Cars, All the Movies

cars of the fast and furious movies

How To Build the Cars of The Fast and the Furious



scale model event show










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