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Modeling work benches to set up your dedicated model area. Whether you model inside your house, down in the basement, or out in the garage, there's a bench style to fit your hobby needs.

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Working on modela is a pleasant hobby, especially if you have a dedicated work space. Some modelers do their craft indoors, even inside a room in their house. Such as a spare bedroom, or in a corner of a room somewhere.

But many modelers have an area just for building. Usually in a basement (if you live up north), or in a garage. Some model builders have gone as far as to build a shed outside and separate of their home. They then pack it full of work benches, tool chests, power tools such as lathes, and of course - model kits.

Scale model building is an easier hobby with a dedicated area. After a long day at work, if you want to do a little modeling to unwind from the day, you simply walk to the area, sit down and model. All without any needed prep, such as unpacking a model on a table, and then packing up the kit and tools afterwards. With a dedicated bench set up, you can walk away when you're done, and then pick up where you left off the follwing day.

Some modelers work inside, and that can have some plus moments, but I prefer to work in my garage. I can sand putty from filled seams and joints, use my Dremel tool to carve up some plastic, and make a mess if I need to. That's kind of difficult to do inside your house (and will your partner let you do that inside?).

Plus I have room for a drill press, saws, and even a lathe or spray booth. All within a few feet of my model workbench.

I like to have my model supplies, such as hand tools, paints, masking tape, within easy reach. So I tend to be organized. I feel that this maximizes my modeling time, what little I have. I don't have to waste time searching for any supplies I need. I just sit down to the bench and model.

I would say the most important thing is to have a work bench you're comfortable with. One that will last, and has all the accessories you need. You're not trying to speed up your modeling process - you're just trying to maximaze your modeling time. A good bench will make it more pleaseant to work from, and help get you in the mood much faster with less stress.

Some model builders like shelves, some like drawers, and some like bins and storage compartments. These are used to separate things, lke model parts, paints, and hand tools, such as paint brushes, hobby knives, or sanding sticks.

If you are a diehard modeler, you'll be building up a stash of model kits, and shelving makes keeping those in order. It also helps keep the boxes (and the models inside) from being crushed and damaged over time.

Don't be surprised what you find in a modelers work area. With power tools like lathes, metal benders and brakes, saws for cuting wood and other materials for dioramas and bases, you'll find that you need a wide open space.

Some modeler's work areas out class even a modern metal shop or mechanics garage. Why? Because modelling often means you have to scratch build something - and you need the proper and shop area with tools to do that. You can't always buy the model parts you need - sometimes you have to make them.

Then there are the painting areas. With bench to mix paints, a spray booth, a drying area (or dehydrater to speed up the process). If the modeler casts his / her own parts, you might see a suction pump and pot, as well as an area to make silicone molds and pour the casting materials (usually resin).

The next ting you know you have a full blown shop going, just to build better and better models.

It takes time to get a well thought out modelling work bench set up. If you've modeled for a few years, you know what works for you, and what doesn't. I recommend starting with the bench that fits you needs and feels comfortable to you.

Then expand into tool storage, supplie sti=orage, and later shelving to store models and parts.

If you want to see my personal past work benches, click here to check them out.




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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