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Primer helps prep a model part for paint. If you've done any sanding on the model, or any putty work, you'll have high and low spots, and an uneven texture.

Shooting the model part with primer allows you to sand the model with fine sand paper to get a smooth finish layer to shoot paint on.

If you can see an imperfection in the model part covered with primer - you will notice it even more whan you cover it with paint.

Some primers can even act as a filler for minor imperfections.

Fine primer is especially designed for models, which are often a very smale scale when compared to painting a real car or a piece of furniture.

If you use automotive paints, primer is usually required. Automotive paints (or almost any paint not designed specifically for models) can etch the plastic, sometimes even melt it. You need the primer to help act as a barrier.

Primer can also be useful for models that are molded in color. Shooting a black molded model with white or gray primer can help with painting the model a lighter color than what it was molded in.

Red Oxide primer is good for paint colors like red or orange, or yellow.

Black primer is good for dark colors, including black.

White is almost good for any paint color, especially if you want to lighten your paint color up some (for instance, when the model is molded in a grey color as many are).

Most modelers have their favorite primer. Once they find one they like they tend to stick with it for years.

Model puttys vary in the way they are made. White putty is most common, though some are "red" (more of an orange color) and some are green.

Some puttys, like the Squadron Green, has model glue mixed into it, and it helps bond to plastic by sometimes melting it some.

Again, modelers have their favorite puttys they tend to use for years, so it's a matter of preference.

On many models there are seams to fill, modifications to make, and scratchbuilt parts. Many of these will require some body work of some kind

Here we have various putty and primers to prepare your model for paint.

scale model life magazine volume 4

Scale Model Life
Volume 4

Vallejo Acrylic primers are very fine, self-leveling coat that will help give you a smooth surface on a model to apply paint. They also wash up with water. They can be used right out of the bottle in an airbrush, but can also be thinned for a super-fine thin layer of primer on your model project.

Since you can use it in thin coats, one bottle can go for quite a while and many models.

Most of these primers are specifically made for modeling. But there are times when you are building models from metal, resin, vinyl, or other materials that are not the standard plastic in a kit.

In cases like these I personally use an automotive primer. These kinds of primers will stick and adhere to almost anything. It's extremely rare, if ever, that I have had an issue where the automotive primer did not stick to a material. Currently I use 2N1 Grey Primer. It has a fan spray nozzle and can be better controlled.

vallejo grey primer

Grey Primer

badger white primer

White Primer

vallejo white primer

White Primer

tamiya fine grey primer

Grey Fine Primer

tamiya fine grey primer

White Fine Primer

tamiya red oxide primer

Oxide Fine Primer

tamiya fine grey primer

Pink Fine Primer

testors fine white primer

Fine White Primer

testors fine white primer

Fine Gray Primer

testors gray primer

Gray Primer

testors white primer

White Primer

testors fine gray primer

Fine Gray Primer

testors white primer

White Primer

tamiya surface primer bottle

White Liquid Primer

tamiya surface primer gray bottle

Gray Liquid Primer

duplicolor grey primer

Grey Primer

badger airbrush grey primer

Grey Primer

duplicolor blacky primer

Black Primer

rustoleum grey primer

Grey Primer

rustoleum black primer

Grey Primer

duplicolor white primer

White Primer

mr surfce white

Mr Surface 1500 White

mr surfce black

Mr Surface 1500 Black

mr surfce grey

Mr Surface 1500 Grey

mr surfce 1200

Mr Surface 1200

badger primer set

White, Gray, and Black Primers

badger primer set

Clear Primer

tamiya polish compound

Course Compound

tamiya polish compound

Fine Compound

tamiya finish compound

Finish Compound


tamiya sanding sponge set

Sanding Sponges


wood sand paper assortment deal

Sandpaper Assortment

polishing pads

Polishing Pads

micro mesh polishing kit for models

MicroMesh Sanding Products

tamiya polishing sponges

Applicator Cloth

tamiya polishing sponges

Polishing Sponges

bondo putty 907

Bondo Glazing Spot Putty

tamiya model wax

Model Wax

vallejo plastic putty

Plastic Putty

vallejo plastic putty

Acrylic Resin Plastic Putty

tamiya polyester putty

Polyester Putty

vallejo plastic putty

Foam Putty

blue yellow green putty

Blue / Yellow Putty

ak interactive model putty

White Modeling Putty

mr hobby putty

Mr Hobby White Putty

3m dynatron putty cote filler

3M Dynatron Filler


Tamiya White Putty

deluxe perfect plastic putty

Perfect Plastic Putty

squadron white putty

Squadron White Putty

squadron gray putty

Squadron Gray Putty

tamiya white putty

Mr. Dissolved Putty

testors contour putty

Testors Contour Putty

3m spot putty

Spot Putty

testors contour putty

Model Filler

model lite blasa wood filler

Balsa Wood Filler

putty tool

Putty Tool

milliput fine white putty

Milliput Superfine Putty

milliput fine white putty

Milliput Black Putty

jumbo hands tool

InstaMorph Moldable Plastic

pledge future wax

Apoxie Sculpt







testors gray primer

Gray Primer


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