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1/24 Scale Race Shop Diorama


This page is to help you build a 1/24 (1/25) scale garage or shop of your own.


Before we get into the various parts, here are some quick links to save you time:

  • Diorama Accessories - That page has accessroies you can add to your diorama, such as shop tools, road work signs, furniture, etc. You can make your own accessories, but if you want to just buy some already made, you can find them there.
  • Scale Figures - People figures if you want to add some to your shp / diorama. Some are prepainted, some you can paint yourself. Some require assembly.


Now I'm going to list some products that I used, or can be used to help build a diorama. It could be a barn, garage, shop, gas staton, whatever you think would be a good building to show off your car and truck models.


  • MRC Academy Gas Station Model - I used this kit as a basis. It isn't always available, but if you want some basics, such as the front walls, gas pump island, signs, and some shop tools, it's not a bad deal.
  • Wood Base - A wood base is probably the best. Wood glue and CA glue both work well to hold it together and glue items to it. I ordered some pieces online, but Lowes carries similar wood pieces already cut. I also cut one of them to add walls to my shop and make it larger for more car models. The larger the diorama, the more room you will have for parking car models on it (remember, it needs to fit through a doorway when you're finished building it!).
  • 1/24 Diamond Plate - This is useful for building shop boxes, floors, just about anything. If you have a welder in the shop, chances are there will be steel work benches and other things made from steel and diamond plate around the garage.
  • Sheet Plastic - For fabricating anything, sheets of plastic are handy to make whatever you want. They are made in different thicknesses. The thick sheets are good for making furniture, boxes, shelves. The thin sheets are good for covering floors or walls (if you use wood walls in your diorama, the grain can look out of scale. Covering the wood with plastic sheets will smotth that out and it will look better).
  • For Sale Signs - These are good for cheap plastic sheeting. It's not the same quality as Evergereen or Plastruct, or JTT, but for covering a wall or floor, they're a real cheap alternative. They also come in sheets that are larger than 8 x 10 if you have a large area to cover.(you can of course use othe signs, such Keep Out or Bad Dog. They're all made from the same plastic material).
  • Plastic Stairs - I used stairs to get to the upper deck. Plastuct makes those in G-scale (basically 1/24 or 1/22) if you build a second floor on your project.
  • CA Glue - To glue different materials together, you need a CA glue (commonly known sometimes as super glue). I use Zap-A-Gap. It dries quickly and works very well. Sometimes to well, so make sure you really want to glue something together before you do - if you change your mind it can be hard to break the bond. Take all safety precautions and be careful with this type glue.
  • Wood Glue - There are dozens of wood glues, Elmers seems to work well. It's a good way to make sure the wood walls and the wood base all get joined with a good bond. You can also drill small holes and use pins, such as cutting down small nails, to add to the bond. (wood dowels can work if you get some small enough). Rememebr, you will probably be moving and transporting your diorama, so you don't want any walls moving around. You want a good foundation to build on.
  • Plastic Rods and Tubes - These are shapes to make things with. They are available in different diameters.
  • Brick Plastic Sheets - I used a Plastruct brick sheet on one wall. They are available in diffeerent scales, including G (1/24-1/22). But any scale can work since bricks in real life come in many shapes and sizes. These are good for walls, fences, planters etc.
  • Sponges - I've used sponges in previous dioramas and buildings, they are good for plants and hedges. You can see how those work in my book Scale Plastic Buildings
  • Plastruct Furniture - You don't see these very often, you usually have to order them directly from Plastruct. They make a great assortment of 1/24 scale furniture, from bath tubs to refridgerators, to sofas, sinks, tables and chairs. I used some of them to make parts for my diorama. Download their PDF catalog, and go to page 87. See part HLK-24. That set has 7 pieces all together, some of which I used. The plastic is real soft, easy to cut and modify. It can be tricky to get primer or paint to stick to them, but for the price, they are worth using when you can.


Remember that when building, sometimes you have to think out of the box some. Anything can be used for constructing objects. I used misc. model parts, but also items like toothpicks and soda straws. If it's the right shape, and you can cut or alter it, the CA glue will usually bond it to whatevere else you need to make something.

Painting - I used spray paint throughout the build, and primer is a must, especially on the wood. The driveway was painted with enamal house paint. I bought a quart of flat black, already mixed in the can, for about $ 9.00 at Lowes. Cheaper than using several cans of spray paint, and it will cover the wood and primer much better.

Most of the supplies I used to build my shop diorama were items I collected over the years. But I still tried to save money and build it as cheap as I could. So use materials you already have when you can. Keep an eye out for any free sheet plastics from friends and family, maybe even from where you work. Watch out for odd plastic shapes you might be able to use. Parts from broken printers or old phones, or whatever. Save all those in a box and build up your stash.


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