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These are pictures of Ford's 1979 Official "Pace" Truck for the Indianapolis 500 track. These are rare trucks today. Few are left. Ford's own 1979 product brochure does not even mention this optional package. Some people have sent me some pictures to share more information and restoration help. I would be interested in adding any pics or information you may have! Please contact me.

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ford indy pace trucks

pace car truck


These photos above were sent to me courtesy of Steve M. of his own Pace Truck. This is an excellent example, because it still retains the original factory roll bar and Ford wheels.


ford inday pace truck


ford pace truck indy


(These two photos above were sent to me courtesy of Chuck from TN. The interior shot is great because it shows what looks like to be special trim on the instrument panel and the seats. Also the special Ford steering wheel. Thanks Chuck !)

"The truck has a 302 with automatic showing 74,000 miles. The raised outline of the "Official Truck" decal is still visible on the doors.  From what I could tell, most of the removed trim pieces and park lamps are laying in the bed of the truck.  The tailgate has major damage as you can see in the photo." 



ford indy 500 pace truck


Don recently purchased a 1979 Ford F150 that the previous owner claims is an "Indy Pace Truck".

My paint scheme looks different than those pictured on your website. I've included a picture for your viewing. Feel free to pass it around along with my e-mail address to anyone who you think can help me. Thanks in advance.
Donald (Greg) Proffitt



ford indy 500 pace trucks


indy 500 ford f150 pace trucks

Don bought this Pace Truck for only $ 300.00. It appears to
still have the factory wheels and roll bar.


Bill S. redid his F150 Pace Truck back to new condition in 1997.


Ford Pace Truck

A magazine ad for the Pace Trucks.


Ford Indianapolis Truck


Ford Indy Truck


These pictures and the ad above were offered by
gracious permission of other websites.


Indianapolis Ford Truck Lightning

In 1995 Ford used a Lightning to be the official
truck of the Indianapolis Speedway again.



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