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Ford F-Series Trucks



Ford F-Series trucks, especially 1967-1979 models.


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Ford F-Series Ranger

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Ford Sport Custom Truck

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Ford Firestone Pickup

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Ford F150

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Ford F350 Duper Duty


I've had two older Ford pickups. A 1971 Ford F250 Camper Special. That truck was awesome. I built up the 390 in it. It was a tank. With a Dana 60 rear end and dual piston Dayton calipers up front, there wasn't anything that truck could not seem to do. Later I bought a 1978 Ford F150 with a 302. Again, I redid the truck. Great truck. I remember selling it and buying a brand new 1995 Ford Ranger. And a few weeks later, my wife commenting on the lack of power the 3.0 V6 had and real crappy throttle response. Her exact comment was, "I miss the old truck".

We had a Ford Explorer, which was a dependable truck (till the transmission went bad twice), and I now have a 2003 F150, but to me those older 1967-1979 pickups were some of the most dependable and well built trucks Ford ever made. This is my little tribute to them. Especially the Indy Pace Truck versions, which are my favorite.


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