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Plastic Figure Models - You can still get many figures as plastic kits. Such as Hawk's / Lindberg's Weird-O series, or reissues of kits from the 1960's.

Fine Molds makes some newer ones, but many will be older kits from Revell, AMT, MPC, and others.

Polar Lights, Lindberg, Testors, there are still some plastic figures beingmade. So checkthem out and see what might look good in your figure model collection.

Plastic Figure Model kits. From classic figures, to funny ones, to everything in between. Break out your painting skills and enjoy building and painting figure model kits today.

scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life -

lindberg hex marks the spot pirates jolly roger

Hex Marks the Spot Pirate Figure Diorama - Due 2017

icm french guard

French Guard - Due 2017

icm yeoman warder

Yeoman Warder - Due 2017

icm swat team leader

S.W.A.T. - Due 2017

icm us marine

U.S. Marine

icm british grenedier queens guard model

British Grenadier
Queen's Guard

icm italian carabineer model

Italian Carabineer

icm vatican swiss guard

Vatican Swiss Guard

miniart gladiator


icm french republic guard

French Republican Guard

atlantis models zorro kit

Zorro Figure & Tornado

mini art french guardsman figure models

French Guardsman XVII

verlinden sports hero football figure models

Mad Maestro

hawk beach bunny model kits

Beach Bunny

polar lights kiss gene simmons figure models

KISS Gene Simmons

polar lights beatles ringo starr figure model kits

Ringo Starr

polar lights beatles paul mccartney figure model kits

Paul McCartney

polar lights beatles john lennon figure model kits

John Lennon

polar lights beatles george harrison figure model kits

George Harrison

polar lights kiss paul stanley figure models

KISS Paul Stanley
Model Figure

polar lights kiss ace frehley figure models

KISS Ace Frehley
Model Figure

polar lights kiss peter criss figure models

KISS Peter Criss
Model Figure

moebius 3 stooges model kits larry fine

Larry / 3 Stooges

moebius three stooges moe model figure kit

Moe / 3 Stooges

moebius three stooges curly figure model kit

Curly / 3 Stooges

polar lights james bond odd job model kit

Odd Job

polar lights james bond  model kit

James Bond

aurora tonto figure model kit


lindberg transparent woman model kits

Transparent Woman

lindberg transparent man model kits

Transparent Man

lindberg transparent human body model kits

Transparent Body

lindberg weird oh glob

Weird-Ohs Glob

revell alfred e neuman

Alfred E Neuman

lindberg transparent human body model kits

Dempsey vs. Firpo

hawk weird oh big wheelers

Weird Ohs Big Wheelers

lindberg statue liberty model kits

Statue Liberty

revell gold knight on horse model kit

Knight & Horse

atlantis white stallion horse figure model kits

White Stallion

batman robin figure model kit

Dick Tracy

the black knight revell models

The Black Knight

the red knight revell models

Red Knight of Vienna

atlantis black bear cubs model kits

Black Bear and Cubs

Atlantis blackberd figure model kits

Blackbeard Pirate

atlantis bison model kits

American Bison


the confederate raider moebius model kit

Confederate Raider
with Horse

lindberg stage coach model kit

Stagecoach - 4 Horse Team with Stagecoach - Huge Kit

lindberg field artillery models

Horse Drawn Union
Field Artillery

amt budweiser clydesdale models

Budweiser Clydesdale 8 Horse Hitch Wagon

weird ohs teet puller model kit

Weird Oh's Medievel
Torture Wheel Rack


revell atlantis flash gordon figure model

Flash Gordon & Martian

weird ohs teet puller model kit

Weird Oh's Medievel
Torture Iron Maiden

weird ohs teet puller model kit

Weird Oh's Medievel
Scare Chair

lindberg killer mcbash football model kit

Leaky Boat Louie

lindberg killer mcbash football model kit

Killer McBash

lindberg killer mcbash football model kit


lindberg killer mcbash football model kit


weird ohs stranded beach old salt flags model kit

Wacky Contraptions Stranded

weird ohs stranded beach old salt flags model kit

Wacky Contraptions Feeding Baby

weird ohs teet puller model kit

Wacky Contraptions Teeth Puller

weird ohs hat remover model kit

Wacky Contraptions Hat Remover

weirdo rave curvette figure

Weird-Ohs Sling
Rave Curvette

hawk frantics totally fab figure

Frantics Totally Fab


airfix james bond and odd job goldfinger figure model car

James Bond
& OddJob

hawk frantics bananas figure

Frantic Bananas

hawk frantics steel pluckers figure

Frantics Steel Pluckers

hawk frantic cats figure

Frantics Kats

hawk silly surfers hot dogger hang ten figure


hawk silly surfers hot dog and surf bunny figure

Hot Dogger and
Surf Bunny

hawk silly surfers hot dogger hang ten figure

Hot Dogger Hangin' Ten

lindberg francis foul figure

Francis The Foul

aurora dinosaur models rex

Dinosaur Pteranodon

aurora dinosaur models rex

Dinosaur Model

revell ed roth rat fink figure model

Ed Roth Rat Fink Figure with Cardboard Shop Display


fine molds army soldier thompson m1a1 figure model kit

WWII  US Army Infantry

fine molds waffen ss german figure model kit

GermanWaffen SS

fine molds army soldier sandy figure model kit

U.S. Army Sandy

fine molds russian woman army soldier figure model kit

WWII Soviet Union Army

fine molds army soldier infantryman sergeant unoya figure model kit

JGSDF Member Infantryman Sergeant Unoya

fine molds army soldier figure model kit

German Soldier Mayer

tamiya us army infantry model figures

US Army Infantry Desert

mini art french calvary cuirassier figure models

French Cuirassier with Horse

airfix french crusader model kits

Napoleonic Mounted
French Cuirassier

mini art french muskateer figure models

French Musketeer

glencoe paratrooper model figure


mini art roman legionary model kits

Roman Legionare

mini art french dragoonfigure models

French Dragoon with Horse

mini art praetorian guardsmanfigure models

Praetorian Guardsman

mini art german knight figure models

German Knight

mini art greek hopolite figure models

Greek Hoplite

mini art burgundian knight figure models

Burgundian Knight

mini art athenian hopolite figure models

Athenian Hoplite

dragon german grenadier

German Grenadier

tamiyagerman infantryman model figures

German Infantryman

tamiya german machine gunner model figures

German Machine Gunner

miniart imperial duard dutch figure models

Imperial Guard

miniart trumpeter figure models

Westphalian Cuirassiers

kaiser maximilian knight model figure

Kaiser Maximilian II

tamiya german commander figures

German Field Commander

tamiya german luftwaffe ace figures

German Luftwaffe Ace

tamiya russian commander model figures

Russian Field Commander

glencoe-navy-seal figure

Navy Seal

miniart trumpeter-figure

Trumpeter with Horse

mini art flying ace hermann goering figure models

Hermann Goering Ace

mini art the red baron manfred von richthofen figure models

Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen with Dog

trumpeter soviet officer 2 military figures

Soviet Officer

dragon german tank ace figure models

German Tank Ace

tamiya german infantry figures

German Infantryman

tamiya german tank crewman figures

Wehrmacht Tank Crewman

tamiya japanes fighter pilot figures

Japanese Fighter Pilot

trumpeter soviet tank commander crewman figures

Soviet Tank Crewman

trumpeter soviet officer 1 figures

WWII Soviet Officer

trumpeter soviet tank commander crewman figures

Soviet Tank Crewman

dragon delta force model

Delta Force

miniart gladiator


dragon german flammenwerfer

German Flamenwerfer


Like a fine home accessory, you can display you model work of art, right along side your world treasures with pride, using beautiful finished wood bases.

(or build a diorama or model scene directly on them)

Click Here to see more of them.

display bases

girls in resin model book

Girls in Resin

painting miniatures angle giraldez

Painting Miniatures

Horror jack pierce makeup

Movie Monsters in Scale






Florida NNL Model car show event






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