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Drag racing model kits are some of the hottest kits around. From your favorite model companies, such as Revell, Lindberg, and AMT. Relive the yesterdays of classic drag racing from the 1960's and 1970's with Super Stock, Top Fuel and Funny Car models.

Cars raced by the legends of NHRA and IHRA. The Snake and Mongoose, Jungle Jim, Stone Woods & Cook, Gene Snow, TV Tommy Ivo, Shirley Muldowney, Big Daddy Don Garlits, just to throw out some big names. It's the time win winning on Sunday sold cars on Monday.

These kits cover all the popular makes and models, from Dodge's Super Stock 426 HEMI cars, to the HEMI powered dragsters, to the Ford 427 SOHC race cars. Big block Chevys are everywere. Smoking up the dragstrip every weekend in national and regional events.

These models feature drag slicks, colorful racing decals, roll cages, tubbed rear ends, headers, and many other racing parts. Whether it's Ford, Chevy, Plymouth, or even Studebaker, there's a drag racing model for all builders.

With the drag racing kits being so popular, there's a big market for accessories. Like decal sets, to AMT Parts Packs racing tires and rims. Throw in a few photoetch seat belts and you've got the racing car you've always wanted to model.

So smell the nitromethane in the air, because these hot kits are ready to thunder on to you model desk for some of the fastest car building this side of the 1320 quarter mile.

So what's your favorite? Pro Stock? Funny Cars? Top Fuel Dragsters? Or maybe the weekend racers, with a mixture of stock and racing parts, some real home grown quarter mile racing for the local heroes?


Drag Racing model kits. Prostock, NHRA, IHRA, Top Fuel, Funny Cars, AFX, Dragsters and much more.





amt chevy nova ss old pro model

Nova SS

amt nova bill jenkins grumpys toy model

Chevy Vega

revell prostreet beretta

Prostreet Beretta

amt nova bill jenkins grumpys toy model

Nova Grumpy's Toy

amt crew chief chevy blazer model

Race Track Crew Blazer

amt round 2 1966 chevy nova prostreet model car

Chevy Nova Pro Street

amt chevelle superwagon car model


amt chevy chezoom corvair model

Chevy Chezoom Corvair

revell prostock camaro frank iaconio

Prostock Camaro

revell pro sportsman car model

Chevy Pro Sportman

gene snow funny car model

Gene Snow Vega Funny Car

revell dodge dart hemi model car

Chevy II Nova Rat Packer

monogram rampage camaro car model

Rampage Camaro

amt 1967 chevelle ss396 model

Chevelle SS 396 Pro Street

revell 53 chevy gasser model king

Chevy Gasser

revell jungle jim vega funny car model

Jungle Jim Vega Funny Car

amt bel air super stock don car model

Bel Air Super Stock

lindberg impala super sport model

Impala Super Sport

revell 1953 chevy panel model car

Chevy Panel Truck Gasser

amt bel air super stock 409 model

Chevy Bel Air Super Stock

amt monza funny car model

Miller Monza Funny Car

revell jungle jim vega funny car model

Twister Vega

amt camaro funny car model

Camaro Funny Car





mpc tom mcewen rear engine drasgster

Don Prudhomme Dragster

mpc tom mcewen rear engine drasgster

Tom McEwen Dragster

mpc don wynns winder dragster

Don Prudhomme Wynns

mpc tom mcewen rear engine drasgster

Don Prudhomme Wedge

amt tom mcewen mongoose wedge dragster

Tom McEwen Wedge

don garlets wynns charger dragster model

Don Garlits Wynns Charger

monogram 1955 chevy model

McDonalds Dragster

amt tommy ivo dragster model

TV Tommy Ivo Dragster

revell dodge dart hemi model car

Hippie Hemi Dragster

revell tom mcewen mongoose rail dragster model cars

Tom "Mongoose" McEwen
Rail Dragster with Figure

mpc carl casper cosmic challenger model

Cosmic Challenger Dragster

amt nova bill jenkins grumpys toy model

TV Tommy Ivo Showboat

staging decal

Eddie Hill Dragster

mpc jawbreaker model

Jawbreaker Dragster

amt digger dragster car model

Digger Cuda Dragster

liberty classics hemi top fuel engine model

Hemi Top Fuel HEMI Engine

revell tv tommy ivo showboat models

TV Tommy Showboat & Figure

mpc young american dragster model

HEMI Sphere Dragster

revell firebird race car models

Bugaboo Dragster

mpd don garlits dragster

Don Garlits Dragster

amt ohio george willys car model

AA / Fuel Dragster

mpc tom mcewen dragster model

Tom McEwen Dragster

monogram long john dragster car models

Long John Dragster

estes rocket dragster model

Estes Rocket Dragster

amt round2 double dragster car model

Double Dragster
2 complete Kits in Box

monogram stinger dragster model

Stinger Rail Dragster

revell jeb allen dragster model

Praying Mantis Dragster

amt flying wedge dragster model

Flying Wedge Dragster

revell tony nancy dragster model

Tony Nancy's Dragster

revell slingster race car models

Slingster Dragster

revell jolly rancher dragster car model

Jolly Rancher Dragster

amt round2 double dragsters in collectible tin car model

Double Dragster
2 complete Kits in Collectible Tin

shelly anderson dragster revell model

Shelly Anderson Dragster

amt meyers manx dune buggy model

Infini-T Dragster

revell jungle jim rail dragster car models

Jungle Jim Dragster

staging decal

Staging Tree Decal


Ford / Mercury


moebius chevy II nova model

Mercury Eliminator II

revell 57 ford gasser model

Ford 2-Door Gasser

amt trojan horse ford mustang funny car

Trojan Horse Funny Car

moebius don nicholson comet cyclone model

A / FX Comet Cyclone

amt ford 1940 sedan model

Ford Sedan Gasser

mpc dyno don cougar funny car model

Dyno Don Funny Car

amt multi maverick funny  car model

Ford Maverick Funny Car

amt peterbilt california hauler truck model kit

Outlaw Mustang LX
with Special Drag Parts

amt ford wild child falcon car model

Wild Child Ford Falcon

revell 1957 ford  gasser wagon

Ford Wagon Gasser

mpc malco gasser gasser model

Malco Gasser Mustang

amt allison thunderbird car models

Allison Thunderbird

revell mustang funny car model

Mustang Funny Car

amt georgie shaker

Ford Mustang Funny Car

amt baldwin motion ford cobra

Baldwin Motion Shelby Cobra

amt ford mustang funny car

Mustang AWB Funny Car

amt ford race hauler truck model

Ford Race Car Hauler

amt ford falcon georgia shaker model

Ford Falcon Georgia Shaker

revell matt and debbie hayes thunderbird kit

Ford Thunderbird Pro Street

revell ford jukebox pro mod race car models

Ford Jukebox Pro Mod

polar lights gas rhonda mustang race car models

Gas Rhonda Ford Mustang

pontiac astre funny car

Fire Fighter Mustang

liberty classics ford 427 sohc top fuel engine model

Ford Top Fuel SOHC Engine

amt pinto funny car model

Pinto Funny Car

amt warbucks falcon models

Ford F / X Falcon

round 2 tommy grove funny race car models

Ford Mustang Funny Car

mpc bounty hunter mustang race car models

Bounty Hunter Mustang

amt bronco mustang race car models

SOHC Ford Mustang

ford drag team sign

Ford Sign

amt shelby race teal cobra, pickup and trailer model

Ford Truck, Trailer & Cobra




revell super clean olds model

Super Clean Olds Pro Stock

revell prostock olds model

Olds Pro Stock

revell pro stock firebird car model

Pro Stock Pontiac Firebird

revell miller funny car model

Miller Olds Funny Car

revell mad funny car model

Firebird MAD Funny Car

revell sentry olds  funny car model

Sentry Olds Funny Car

revell 55 sportsman chevy car models

Pontiac Firebird

revell hurst hairy olds car model

Hurst Hairy Olds & Figure

budweiser pro stock ford model kit

Castrol Olds Funny Car

revell dodge dart hemi model car

Pontiac GTO Funny Car

amt catalina slot car

Pontiac Catalina Slot Car

revell jungle jim rail dragster car models

Pontiac Judge Funny Car

amonogram stp firebird car model

Pontiac Firebird STP

revell jungle jim rail dragster car models

Pontiac Nationals Funny Car

revell mcdonalds funny car model

McDonalds Firebird Funny Car

revell raybestos funny car model

Raybestos Olds Funny Car

mpc gto model

Pontiac GTO

amt catalina 421sd car model

Pontiac Catalina 421SD

model king pontiac catalina

Pontiac Catalina

model revell mad funny car

Pontiac Firebird Funny Car

work bench tool cabinet

Tool Cabinet / Bench





moebius california flash belvedere

California Flash Belvedere

moebius california flash belvedere

HEMI Under Glass

moebius golden commando plymouth

Golden Commandos Plymouth

revell roland leong hawaiian  charger model

Hawaiian Funny Car

amt lawman plymouth belevedere

Plymouth Belvedere Lawman

amt dodge 300 color me gone super stock

Dodge 300 Color Me Gone

model king melrose missile dodge

Melrose Missile Super Stock

lindberg dodge ramchargers car model

Dodge Ramcharger

lindberg bill maverick dodge car model

Bill Maverick Dodge 330

revell mongoose tom mcewen funny car model

Plymouth Duster Tom McEwen

lindberg dodge little red wagon model car

Little Red Wagon

lindberg dodge fever a100 model kit

Dodge Fever Wheelstander

mpc tom mcewen cuda funny car model

Tom McEwen Barracuda

lindberg color me gone dodge model

Dodge Color Me Gone

mpc barracuda model kit

Plymouth Barracuda

revell dodge dart hemi model car

Dodge Dart V8 Hemi

round 2 candies and hughes funny race car models

Candies & Hughes 'Cuda

revell sox and martin gtx

Sox & Marton Plymouth GTX

revell demon funny car

Revellution Demon Funny Car

polar lights super chief funny car dodge charger model

Golden Commandos

revell cop out tom daniel race car models

Duster Funny Car

polar lights hawaiian funny car model

Hawaiian Funny Car

amt chi-town hustler funny car model

Chi-Town Hustler Dodge

revell dick landy charger car model

Dick Landy Charger

polar lights norms supercharger funny car  car models

Supercharger Funny Car

revell ford jukebox pro mod race car models

Big John Funny Car

polar lights super chief funny car dodge charger model

Charger Funny Car

revell chi town hustler funny car model

Chi-Town Hustler Funny Car

polar lights super chief funny car dodge charger model

Kendall GT1 Funny Car





amt coke willys pickup model

Willys Gasser Coke

amt curly 40 willys model

Curly's Willys

revell 41 willys car model

Ohio George MALCO Willys

revell 41 willys car model

Willys Coupe Gasser

amt mean machine willys car model

Mean Machine Willys

amt malco willys car model

Ohio George MALCO Willys

polar lights 33 willys gasser ohio george model

Ohio George Willys

polar lights 40 willys gasser stone woods cook model

Stone,Woods,Cook Willys

revell  gasser willys car model

Willys Pickup Gasser

revell willys car model





revell miss deal funny car models

Miss Deal Funny Car

moebius hudson hornet drag car model

Hudson Hornet Drag

amt round2 white western star truck model

Tyrone Malone Super Boss

amt tyrone malone papa kenworth truck model

Tyrone Malone Transport

amt superbug

Superbug Gasser

revell anglia ford

Anglia Gasser

amt double whammy studebaker

Double Whammy Studebaker

mpc super sno sport dragster snowmobile model

Rupp Super Sno-Sport
Drag Snowmoble

amt piranha dragster model

Piranha Dragster

amt piranha race team set model

Piranha Race Team

mpc wild willie borsch car models

Wild Willie Altered

revell thames panel truck ssp model

Thames Panel Truck

mpc daytona transport model

Race Car Transport

1/24 race trailerr

Tandem Race Trailer

amt round2 racemaster drag slicks car model

Racemaster Drag Slick Tires

amt round2 m & h drag slicks car model

M & H Drag Slick Tire Pack

amt round2 blue streaks slicks tires

Blue Streak Drag Slicks

eduard hot rod seat belts

Old School 40s/50s Seatbelt

amt custom & competition kat pack engine injector stacks car models

Kat Pack Fuel Injectors

amt curly 40 willys model

Racing Seatbelts

lions dragstrip shirts

Lions Dragstrip

hurst hemi under glass shirts

Hurst Shifters

galaxie 21 trailer model kits

21' Race Trailer with opening rear and side door.

galaxie 38 trailer model kits

38' Gooseneck Race Trailer with engine hoist, fifth wheel, ramps, opening side door and rear door, with side awning.


scale model life magazine volume 1

Scale Model Life
Volume 1

scale model life magazine

Scale Model Life
Volume 9

scale model life magazine volume 10

Scale Model Life
Volume 10

sox and martin drag team

Sox & Martin

ramchargers drag team


snake and mongoose drag team

Snake & Mongoose




scale model event show










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chair crosley record players mouse pad stainless steel cooker pill organizer

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