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Scale figures can enhance a model subject. especially if you're building a model diorama or scene. Without them, a model is just a model, but figures can bring them to life.

These 1/25-1/24 figures are available in many ways. Some are unpainted, some are prepainted, but they offer a wide range of characters and poses, depending on the story you're trying to tell in your model scene.

They also enhance a scene when you photograph your models. Making them more realistic and interesting to look at.

Scale model figures to display with your models and dioramas.


painting space marines

Advanced Figures


rally figure set

Race Crew Figure Set with Tools / Laptops / etc.

masterbox warrior woman figure model


masterbox jogger girl figure


masterbox ogrefigure model

Beast / Alien

hasegawa ladies model figures

Car Show Ladies Set

hasegawa two ladies model figures

Ladies Set

masterbox samarii figure


hasegawa mat woman figure model untraman


masterbox 1940s woman figure model

Woman - Due 2019

hasegawa anne figure model


verlinden race car drivers figure model

Race Car Drivers

hasegawa woman figure model untraman


masterbox cops set model figures

Cops Set

masterbox bank robbers model figures

Bank Robbers Heist Set

masterbox car accident figure


tamya miata  japanese woman figure

Driver Woman

masterbox car accident figure

Accident Woman

icm gasoline loaders model figures

Gasoline Loaders

icm american motorists

American Motorists

hasegawa racing figure set

Racing Figures - 10 Piece Set

masterbox steampunk figure


icm navy seal model figure


icm navy seal model figure


masterboc bob and sally figure

Bob & Sally

masterbox truck driver figure


masterbox truck lady figure


masterbox soldier space patrol police figure

Trucking Couple Set

fujimi driver figures

Mechanic Figures Set

hasegawa ladies 1990 figures models

Shopping Ladies Set

hasegawa racing ladies paddock model figures

Racing Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

3 Racing Figure Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Shopping Ladies Set

sanras helpers figures

Santas Helpers Set

fujimi driver figures

Drivers & Swimsuit Model

masterbox space scifi steampunk figure


masterbox space scifi drifter figure


masterbox space scifi bounty hunter figure

Bounty Hunters

icm american mechamics

Scifi Cantina 3 Figure Set

masterbox american truck driver

Truck Driver

masterbox truck sleeper figures woman

Sleeping Woman

masterbox truck driver girl and dog

Passenger & Dog

dragon master box pinup

Porsche Driver

dragon master box pinup

Mercedes Driver

dragon master box ferrari driver

Ferrari Driver

masterbox soldier space patrol police figure

Space Patrol

masterbox soldier space patrol police figure

Space Patrol

master box dangerous curves police woman figure

Dangerous Curves

masterbox bart figure

Bart & Dog

dragon master box thunder spirit indian

Thunder Spirit

masterbox indian warrioer figure

Indian Warrior

master box shopping woman figure kate


masterbox trucker figure

Truck Driver

master box ali figure model


masterbox medusa figure


icm swat figure

Hitch Hikers

masterbox mechanic figure


resin mechanic model


resin woman soldier  model


masterbox perseus figure


dragon master box pinup


dragon master box pinup 2 figure models


dragon master box pinup 3 figure models


dragon master box pinup usaf figure models

Pinup Air Force

dragon master box pinup navy figure models

Pinup Navy

dragon master box pinup army marines figure models

Pinup Army

dragon master box pinup betty figure models

Pinup Alice

dragon master box pinup alice figure models

Pinup Betty

dragon master box pinup marylin figure models

Pinup Marylin

icm fire crew figures

Firemen Figure Set

women mechanics figures

Lady Mechanics Set

italeri truck accessories

3 Truck Driver Figures

icm henry ford figures kit

Henry Ford Figure Set

stacey champion figure model


modern woman figure


ticket officer policep figure model

Ticket Time

buford t justice figure model

Buford T Justice

red riding hood figure

Red Riding Hood

chp figure model

CHP Officer

wizard woman figure model


wizard woman figure model


wizard woman figure model


spring  woman figure model

Spring Girl

winter  woman figure model

Winter Girl

autumn girl model

Autumn Girl

spring  woman figure model


mak sf3d woman changing model


mak brick works red ace figure model

Red Ace

maschinen kreiger resin female pilot set a model

Driver / Pilot

maschinen krieger resin brick works barefoot pilot model


resin mak officer figure models


resin soldier figure models


resin santa helper figure models

Santa Helper

resin santa helper figure models

Santa Helper

max factory shunya figure models


max factory shunya figure models


max factory shunya figure models


resin brick works nose art queen  model


resin mechanic model


resin space pilot model

Space Pilot

def woman soldier model


resin woman soldier model


resin technitian model


maschinen kreiger figures set a model

Figure Set

maschinen krieger resin female mechanic model


resin mechanic model

Pit Crew Set

santa clause  model

Santa Clause

mech figures model


ronin cinderella figures model


tamiya f1 pit crew figures

Formula 1 Pit Set A

tamiya ferrari f1 pit crew figures

Formula 1 Crew Set B

tamiya motorsports team model figures

Motorsports Team Set

fujimi f1 pitwall

F1 Pitwall & Figures

hasegawa ski set model

Skiers Set

clear bases for figures model

Bases for Figures

bases for figures model

Bases for Figures

vallejo flesh wash

Flesh Wash

gaia flesh pink paint

Flesh Pink Paint

gaia flesh white paint

Flesh White Paint

mr color flesh pink paint

Flesh Pink Paint

gaia flesh orange paint

Flesh Orange Paint

mr color flesh white paint

Flesh Paint

gaia flesh orange paint

Flesh White Paint

tamiya flesh  paint

Flat Flesh

tamiya 87201 paint

Figure Accent Color

flesh paint set

Flesh Pretty Figure Paint Set

ronin cinderella figures model

Skin Tones Figure Paint Set







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