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Diners, Coffee Shops, Truck Stops, and On the Road Recipes

  Relive some of the good times and good food with recipes from Diners, Truck stops, and Roadside eateries. Browse through the history of the American Diner culture, till you can almost taste the Jigger’s Pumpkin Pancakes, Banana Caramel Pie, Okanogan Omelet, Lulu’s Café Home Fries, Castlerock Blueberry Griddle Cakes, and Southern Exposure Sweet Potato Biscuits. "Yo Mel, give me Two chicks on a raft - wreck 'em, shingle with a shimmy and a shake in the alley, Zeppelins in a fog, city juice 86 the hail, drag one through Georgia and sweep the kitchen floor!"  
  • All-American Truck Stop Cookbook - The trucks have all stopped at The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook, which contains more than 250 favorite truck stop recipes of the three million men and women who drive the 18-wheelers that keep America rolling. In addition, the book pays homage to the romance and true grit of trucking life. It includes colorful stories and scenic side trips through the history of America's trucking industry, including dozens of nostalgic photos of some of the early truckers and their rigs along with pictures of top truck stops of today and yesteryear. The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook is sure to please any fan of big rigs, life on the road, and great American food. So check your oil, fill it up, and get ready to dig into the delicious recipes and lore from beloved truck stops from across America.
  • American Diner - While traveling to diners across the U.S., author Michael Karl Witzel assembled a heaping mound of history and a plate-full of color photography that celebrates and examines an American institutions architecture, memorabilia, current restoration efforts, and role in pop culture.
  • American Diner Cookbook - The American Diner Cookbook contains more than 450 recipes for delicious foods that can be found on diner menus nationwide. Interviews with owners and others who have worked in diners and more than 100 black-and-white photographs appear throughout.
  • American Diner Then and Now - Features pictures of all those Stainless Steel Diners from The 40,s & 50,s. And listings of at least most of the Diner Builders from the past & present. Also, five typical menus are illustrated, dating from the "dog wagons" of the 1890s to the "blue plate specials" featured in the 1950s and '60s.
  • Blue Plate Specials: Recipes Your Family & Friends Will Love the Most--Inspired by Diners Coast-to-Coast - Here's what's on the menu...stick-to-your-ribs recipes inspired by diners across the USA. Blue Plate Specials includes regional favorites like finger-lickin' chicken wings, Cape Cod chowder, jalapeño cornbread and, the diner standard, savory meatloaf. There are plenty of desserts from the pie case to round out the meal too. Our tips and quotes were also inspired by diners and the open road. You'll love 'em!
  • Cafes & Coffee Shops - Ninety-eight projects, some with floor plans, showcase both chic, contemporary looks and newly "old" traditional looks in coffee houses, up-scale food shops, and fun, theme-oriented cafes, with such evocative names as Second Cup, The Mill, Coffee Klatch, and Sacred Grounds. International in scope, examples are included from Latin America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, the United States, and Canada
  • Chicago Diner Cookbook - From the Macro bionic Meal, No Meata Fajita, or Tofu Scrabble Jubilee to the Thunder Salad and Radical Rueben Sandwich, the Chicago Diner offers your favorite meals with a new twist.
  • Classic American Diners: Collectible Postcards and Matchcovers - The classic diner is an icon of the American roadside. As cars were mass-produced, so were these aluminum gems, whose metal bodies and neon signs came to characterize modernity in the mid-twentieth century. From the 1920s to the 1950s, these eye-catching eateries promoted themselves on many giveaway matchcovers and postcards. Today, these highly collectible pieces of ephemera provide a colorful visual record of diners from all over the country. Nearly 450 examples are included here, along with a history of the diner and related information about postcards and matchcovers of the era. Enjoy a nostalgic, state-by-state tour of architecturally unique, vintage American diners.
  • Diners: American Retro - The 1950s and '60s were the halcyon days of the American Dream. Life was easier, safer and altogether more innocent. Nowhere was this more apparent than the freeway, that symbol of the growth of American prosperity. American Retro is a wonderfully evocative collection of gift books celebrating the motels, diners, cars and Main Streets that were the landmarks of these great highways. Together with a selection of witty and nostalgic quotes, these charming books will be a perfect gift for those who remember.
  • Diners, Bowling Alleys, and Trailer Parks: Chasing the American Dream in the Postwar Consumer Culture - The accessible topics and interesting prose support strong arguments concerning how marketing these institutions to newly affluent blue-collar workers shaped images of ideal middle-class suburban families in ways that excluded people of color. Unfortunately, the four chapters do not hold together particularly well. The separate chapters on diners, bowling alleys, and trailer parks are more detailed than necessary, while the concluding chapter covers new economic territory without weaving in the strands of earlier chapters.
  • Diner: The Best of Casual American Cooking - The photography is gorgeous, and guaranteed to make your mouth-water and head you toward the kitchen. The recipes do require some actual kitchen time and preparation, but as most mothers can tell you, sometimes preparing comfort food is a solace in itself. Experienced cooks will be able to use microwave shortcuts, although these recipes are stove-top and oven in design. This book can also serve as a coffee-table book because these perennially popular American dishes, so artfully photographed, constitute an art form.
  • Diner Collection Sandwich & Fry Basket Set 6-pc. - Burgers, hot dogs, fries and onion rings - all your favorites can be served in these colorful baskets. A throw-back to the diners of the '50s and '60s, they're durable plastic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Use them when entertaining the kids, for backyard barbecues and picnics at the park. Set of 6 (3 yellow, 3 red).
  • Diner Collection Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser 11-in. - Made of glass with a polished chrome top, this 50s style straw dispenser makes a return for your retro kitchen or bar. Now, whenever you open a cherry soda or whip up a vanilla malted, you'll have plenty of straws for sipping - just like the good old days!
  • Diner Desserts - This fun collection celebrates exactly the desserts you'd expect from America's diners: fluffy Chocolate Cream Pie, three-layer High and Mighty White Cake and chewy Old-Time Peanut Butter Cookies, Southern Sweet Potato Spice Pie and New York City's famous Classic Black and White Cookies. A chapter on sweets from the soda fountain includes a Really Rich Double Chocolate Milk Shake and a S'more Sundae with marshmallow spread and chocolate sauce, and another on "dunkables" offers Diner-Style Powdered Buttermilk Donuts and Raspberry Twists.
  • Diners Of New England - Includes maps that pinpoint diners' locations and trace routes for scenic drives, comprehensive listings of diners with addresses, phone numbers, and brief descriptions, and diner styles and manufacturers.
  • Diners Of New York - This work features: maps pinpoint locations; comprehensive listings for each region; and, diner styles and manufacturers. From Long Island to the bordering Great Lakes, the Empire State is brimming with diners of every ilk and era. It is home to many classic stainless steel models, as well as newer retro diners. This handy book is a complete guide that will take travellers through heavy concentrations of diners in New York City, the Catskills, and the Hudson Valley to the more sparse regions in the western part of the state, pointing out what makes each one unique.
  • Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: An All-American Road Trip . . . with Recipes! - Rounded out with plenty of behind-the-scenes anecdotes and local color, this tour of off-the-beaten-path establishments has enough regional entries to keep culinary road-trippers busy (and full) for many, many miles. " (Publishers Weekly.)
  • Diners of the North Shore - Diners of the North Shore is a fascinating collection of many previously unpublished images from the golden age of the diner. Bearing names such as Hesperus in Gloucester, Lafayette in Salem, and Suntaug in Peabody, these eat-on-the-run oases provided their customers with not only a square meal but also an atmosphere as welcoming as oneís kitchen. From the primitive Night Owl lunch wagon to the art deco-inspired Sterling Streamliner, Diners of the North Shore showcases each diner is unique character, along with the colorful personalities who ran them.
  • Diners of Pennsylvania - 300 classic diners identified Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Anthracite Region and the Poconos, Central Pennsylvania, and Western Pennsylvania "Its a book to keep in the car, to refer to before and during all Pennsylvania road trips, and great fun to travel through anytime. It makes me yearn for new trips, new encounters, and new daily specials."
  • Diners: People and Places - High-style pictures of America's favorite form of vernacular architecture. Each of the diners pictured is different--some are sleek and streamlined, elegant with neon; others boxy and slab sided. All radiate the easy familiarity of these cozy eating places.
  • Donut Book - Then there are the recipes: 29 mouth-watering, soul-satisfying ways to achieve the ultimate sugar rush, from New Orleans beignets to Portuguese malasadas, from Boston crèmes to Alain Ducasse's upscale Donut. And for donut lovers who are willing to hit the road to find their favorite confection, the book comes with an illustrated Donut Lover's Guide to bakeries that serve up the lightest, fluffiest, best dressed, and tastiest donuts.
  • Fog City Diner Cookbook - Remember when attaching "California" to food actually meant a thing or two? Fog City Diner Cookbook is something of a time capsule in that regard. You have seen similar-looking food on menus in your town. But that's now, and this book (and the food before it) came out back when it was news. What's interesting to note, however, is that Pawlcyn bases her dishes on sound culinary principles. She isn't throwing oddball ingredients together to grab attention or to appear to be clever, she's combining flavors and textures and cultural heritage to achieve specific effects, with new and powerful results. In other words, she shows restraint on the one hand, and knows what she's doing on the other.
  • Harley and Davidson Family Recipes: Celebrating 100 Years of Home Cooking - In HARLEY AND DAVIDSON FAMILY RECIPES, the founders’ grandchildren Margo Manning and Carol Lange present 100 family recipes tailor-made for home gatherings and roadside picnics, including Gilroy 40-Clove Garlic Chicken, Endurance Run Spinach Pasta Salad, and Grandma Harley’s Peach Cobbler. Packed with rare archival photographs and anecdotes about the families and their motorcycles.
  • Hometown Diners - Robert Willaims captures the essence of our hometown diners in a beautiful and touching way. The photographs are beautiful and a perfect example of excellent photography. I would highly recommend this book to all readers, especially those who remember the nostaglia of going to your hometown diner.
  • Jersey Diners - All that's missing is the smell of the burgers and sound of Bruce Springsteen pouring from the jukebox. This book seems to offer everything anyone would want to know about that great institution, the roadside diner. Peter Genovese, a writer for a New Jersey newspaper, concentrates on diners in his home state. The many illustrations--photos of diners, patrons, and all sorts of diner memorabilia--reflect the loving attitude and sense of humor that pervade this book.
  • Main Street Diners: Where Hoosiers Begin the Day - A record of mom/pop restaurants in small town Indiana, places that look like they did 50 years ago. Most are on Main Street in the town, and all are frequented by early traffic (5:00 am in most places) Usually the food is good, the coffee is hot and the pie is excellent!!
  • More Retro Diner: A Second Helping of Roadside Recipes - Vintage photographs of classic diner scenes, waitresses, and food. More than 75 popular and hard-to-find diner-style recipes from diners nationwide, including Jigger’s Pumpkin Pancakes, Banana Caramel Pie, Italian Sausage and Pepper Hero, and more.
  • One Tank Trips Road Food: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Other Fun Places to Eat! - Mr. Zurcher takes you on journeys which include special places, such as...an 18th Century tavern that serves food from a 200 year-old recipe...a 19th Century bed-and-breakfast/tavern that includes beautiful and serene landscapes...an honest-to-goodness fifties drive-in restaurant with a chronologically-correct juke box(I loved it!)...a diner inside a Harley-Davidson dealership...a restaurant that features an antique-car museum and antiques in general...a tuba museum/restaurant...fine Amish restaurants(discover Amish history while in the area)...an actual castle with a restaurant that serves exotic food such as buffalo and ostrich...tearooms with elegant atmosphere and beautiful, rustic surroundings.
  • Pancake Handbook: Specialties from Bette's Oceanview Diner - THE PANCAKE HANDBOOK, the Bette’s Diner crew shares their classic recipes for some of the best pancakes found anywhere. Classic buttermilk take their place alongside Bette’s daily specials, which include blueberry buttermilk, butter pecan, banana upside-down, fresh corn, apple-brandy, chocolate, and chile-cheese—not to mention the signature soufflé pancakes, which emerge from the oven spectacularly puffed and golden brown. Packed with tips on keeping your pancakes fluffy and plenty of topping and syrup suggestions, THE PANCAKE HANDBOOK is your personal handbook to what pancakes should be.
  • Plates & Dishes: The Food And Faces Of The Roadside Diner - Schacher traveled across the U.S. and Canada in three stages, first in a 1978 Volkswagen van, then in a 35-foot motor home and, finally, by motorcycle. Over the 13,318 miles he covered, he visited 70 highway eating establishments, and photographed the food he ate and the women who served it to him. The result is a collection that oozes with sentimentality about North American culture.
  • Retro Diner: Comfort Food from the American Roadside - Featuring a fun, colorful journey through diner history, Retro Diner offers over 115 of the best comfort food recipes from the American roadside, including Blue Moon Diner's Patty Melt, Steeltown Meatloaf, Dixie Diner's Blueberry Pancakes, and Peach Cobbler from Jake's.
  • Retro Breakfast Memorable Meals Morning, Noon, or Night - From the coffee-stained pages of classic American cookbooks to recipes handed down from memory, Linda Everett and Richard Perry bring us the best of breakfast from rural Washington State to down-home Alabama. More than 120 recipes capture classic tastes of the most important meal of the day, including Okanogan Omelet, Lulu’s Café Home Fries, Castlerock Blueberry Griddle Cakes, and Southern Exposure Sweet Potato Biscuits. Featuring nostalgic images that will encourage you to wake up and eat no matter what time of day, this Retro guide is sure to make anyone an early riser.
  • Roadfood: The Coast-to-Coast Guide to 500 of the Best Barbeque Joints, Lobster Shacks, Ice Cream Parlors, Highway Diners, and Much More - Roadfood celebrates venues most travelers would never venture near, let alone enter--like Lusco's in Greenwood, Miss. ("one of the weirdest, and most wonderful, restaurants in America"), where green walls and grimy, chintz-curtained rooms belie the excellence of the "luxurious-tasting" (albeit expensive) food. Most of the state-by-state listed restaurants are, however, for dining on the cheap. They include Manny's Coffee Shop in Chicago ("a temple of honest food" ), the Smokestack Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Mo.--where a "serious chaw of meat," according to the Sterns, is "nothing less than the essence of the smoke pit, like barbecue bouillon"--and Duke's Barbecue in Orangeburg, S.C., where "there is no decor to speak of and . . . no music other than the thud of the cleaver hacking pork and the moans of pleasure, slurping, and licking that are a symphonic expression of people enjoying one of the great meals of the Southland.
  • Roadside Americana - Funny, insightful takes on America's roadside landmarks: "the geographic center of north america is in Rugby, North Dakota, and it's also the geographic center of the densest population of roadside goliaths...big statues are good, but bigger statues are better."
  • Route 66 Cookbook: Comfort Food from the Mother Road - Marian Clark's The Route 66 Cookbook is the only culinary guide to what John Steinbeck dubbed "The Mother Road," including over 250 time-tested recipes from places like the U Drop Inn, the Pig Hip Restaurant, Caveman Bar B-Q and Steak House, Miz Zip's Cafe, Cotton Eyed Joe's, and the Yippie Yi Yo Cafe. It's a living history of a time when the flavors along the road changed as dramatically as the landscape and the accents. Many of the places described are still very much in action, just waiting for you to pull up, slide into a booth or sit at the counter, and ask,"What's good today?" .
  • Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco - This tongue-in-cheek cookbook brings home style Soprano family cooking to the table. Artie Bucco, the character (played by John Ventimiglia) who is the chef at the show's Vesuvio restaurant, sets the tone of this book of insider "family" secrets by explaining his family's move from Campania, Italy, to New Jersey, then turns to various Soprano characters. (A brief chapter on Neapolitan cooking is explained by the Newark Public Library's Natalie del Greco, who offers recipes for a simple Marinara Sauce as well as a Sunday Gravy.) In a chapter entitled "The Soprano Family Tradition," Bucco listens as Corrado Soprano Jr., or Uncle Jun', reminisces about Newark's Little Italy (which at one time felt like an "Italian Disneyland") while whetting his appetite with thoughts of Pasta Fagiole and Panzerotti (Neapolitan Potato Croquettes).
  • The Ultimate Route 66 Cookbook - Serious food with a lighthearted attitude! A pinch of Route 66 memorabilia, a dash of humor, and two heaping helpings of honest American classics make this the perfect guide to good eating. With culinary contributions from roadside restaurants and well-traveled chefs, this book is a treasured keepsake and valuable resource. Regional specialties share the road with innovative treats, and easy-to-follow instructions allow cooks of all experience levels to create the recipes with ease, pleasure, and enjoyment. Take a detour across Route 66 and sample these down-home recipes from the legendary road.
  • What's Cooking at Moody's Diner: 60 Years of Recipes and Reminiscences - What's Cooking at Moody's Diner: 60 Years of Recipes and Reminiscences.
  • Why Do Donuts Have Holes?: Fascinating Facts About What We Eat And Drink - Why Do Donuts Have Holes?: Fascinating Facts About What We Eat And Drink.

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Diners, Coffee Shops, Books and Publications for Cooking. Great Recipes, History and Nostagia.