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They call the European fast cars "Exotic Cars", but we have own exotic car right here in the USA: It's called the Corvette.

It's grown from a 1953 sports car to a near fighter jet in engineering, and yet, true to American tradition, the engine is still in the front. Just the way we like it.

The cars are more popular than ever, and the new C7 Corvettes are amazing drivers with crazy handling and plenty of horsepower. The true rocket on rails.

C1 Corvettes - run from the original model in 1953 (powered by a six cylinder no less) till 1962. Both AMT and Monogram / Revell make models of the 53' crovette. MPC and AMT also make several versions of the car on up to the 1962 level.

C2 Corvettes - run from 1963 to 1967. Both Revell and AMT makes 1963 models. This year is significants because of the famous "split window" in the back. (though Revell makes a convertible, so it's a moot point at that stage). The 1965 and 1967 cars are available in model form as well. Best kit? Probably the Accurate Miniatures 1964 version. It has one of the best detailed small block Chevy engines ever made in model a model kit.

C3 Corvettes - run from 1968 to 1982. Many models have been made of this Stingray body style, from AMT, MPC, and Revell. Even Arii. These kits were hot sellers for many years, and since the body only had minor changes over the years, the model companies could use the molds for a long time. What does that mean? That means you have a lot of kit choices and a lot of Corvette options! In 1978, the Corvette was even used as a Pace Car at Indianapolis Raceway.

C4 Corvettes - run from 1984 to 1996 (officially to GM, there are no 1983 Corvettes). The 1984 body style was slow out of the gate, with some quality issues, but eventually, car fans came around, and the shape only recieved minor cosmetic changes till 1996. In 1995, the Corvette was once again a Pace Car at Indy. AMT and Revell both make several version of this body style as model kits.

C5 Corvettes - run from 1997 to 2004. New state of the art engineering and electronics were now dependable enough to take full advantage of the Corvettes speed and agility. It was fast becoming the fighter jet of cars, and able to go toe to toe with cars that cost more than twice it's price. AMT and Revell both offer models of these cars, including some special editions and race car versions.

C6 Corvettes - run from 2005 to 2013. Different variations of the real cars included the Z06, ZR1, Grand Sport, and the screamin 7.0L / 427 Convertible. Doing the quater mile in 11 seconds and with a top speed of 207, the car was unmatched by anything but the most expensive and rare cars. Several model kits are available of the C6 versions, including the Z06.

C7 Corvettes - run from 2014 till now. If you ever sat at a light behind one of these cars, you know that tail end looks the business end of a race car with it's low, mean profile. The top of the car probably only comes up to your knee caps. It just screams speed at you.

Revell has released a kit of the C7 Corvette, so now you can build this bad boy for your own model collection at home. But I'm sure many other Corvette kits will come out in the future, because it's a car that just begs to have a model made of it, and offers a great project to build.


C8 Corvettes - Starting in 2020 the all new C8 Corvettes are hitting the street. There are no kits yet, but a few diecast have been made available.

By knowing which C-series Corvette you're building, you'll be able to swap some parts when you want to, though, with these being model kits, especially on the older version Corvettes, you can swap a lot of different performance parts to make the car of your dreams.



GM Chevy Corvette model cars and kits.

With a few diecast thrown in to fill some missing year gaps and give you a chance to redo / repaint those with more detail.


scale model life magazine volume 11

Scale Model Life

Chevy C8 Corvette


Chevy C8 Corvette


revell c7r corvette

Chevy C7R Corvette


Chevy Corvette


Chevy Corvette


revell foose corvette

FOOSE Corvette Stingray


Corvette ZO6


revell 2014  corvette

Chevy Corvette Stingray


Chevy Corvette Stingray


Chevy Corvette Convertible


amt  2012  corvette

Corvette Coupe


amt 2012 corvette

Corvette Convertible


revell aerovette  corvette

Corvette Convertible


amt  2009  corvette

Corvette Coupe


amt 2008 corvetteindy pace car

Corvette Indy Pace Car


Chevy Corvette C6-R


Chevy Corvette C5-R


Corvette Grand Sport




Corvette Pace Car


Corvette Convertible


amt zr1 corvette

Corvette ZR1


monogra zr1 corvette

Chevy Corvette ZR1


monogram 1992  corvette

Corvette Convertible


monogram zr1 corvette

Corvette ZR1


monogra callaway corvette

Chevy Callaway Corvette Speedster


amt zr1 corvette

Corvette ZR1




monogram 1987  corvette

Corvette Roadster






Dragon Corvette


Ghost Rider Corvette


Vodoo Vette


Laser Vette


Corvette Hatchback


revell indy pace car  corvette

Chevy Corvette Indy Pace Car


Chevy Corvette


Chevy Corvette


Open Roadster Thunder Corvette


Chevy Corvette


revell greenwood corvette

Corvette John Greenwood


Owens Corning Corvette


amt 1970 lt1  corvette

Chevy Corvette LT1 Coupe


Chevy Corvette Coupe


NASA Astronauts Astrovette


Harley Quinn Chevy Corvette


revell roadster  corvette

Chevy Corvette Roadster with Optional Parts


mpc roadster  corvette

Chevy Corvette Open Roadster with Optional Parts


Chevy Corvette


Chevy Corvette


Chevy Night Stalker Corvette


amt 1963 corvette

Corvette Stingray Split Window


Corvette Stingray Split Window


amt  usa1  corvette

Corvette USA-1 Sting Ray


Corvette Convertible






Batgirl Corvette




Corvette Roadster


Street Vette


Velvet Corvette






amt 1955  corvette

Chevy Corvette with Optional Race Parts


revell 1953  corvette

Chevy Corvette Roadster


Chevy Corvette Roadster


revell vette agin

Vette Agin


revell aerovette  corvette

Corvette Aerovette


Corvette Sting Ray III


Corvette Indy


dr cranky international house of plastic II book

House of Plastic II

scale model life magazine volume 4

Scale Model Life
Volume 4

scale model life magazine volume 10

Scale Model Life
Volume 10

Corvette Clothing and Accessories







#11 hobby blades - 100 pack

#11 Hobby Blades
Super 100 Pack!


Glue Deal



tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand



Hobby Tool Sets



Airbrush Set



Detail Brush Set











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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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