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Model Kit paints have been around as long as models, harking back to the old days of Pactra Paints. Testors, having started out with primarily enamel paints, have begun to expand into new lacquer colors.

They've continued to make a more diverse pallet of colors with their spray and bottled paints by introducing their Model Master (MM) line . Which now offers much better coverage for modelers who build military, ships, and aircraft models. Though they can be used on car models and other types as well.

Over the last few decades, other model companies have added paints to go with their plastic model kit products. It's funny that Testors originally went the opposite way, trying to add model kits to their paint line, while other manufactures have been slipping paint slowly into the modelling markets. Testors only has a few model kits today, but their paint business has done well for them and is better than ever

There's no way to get around the fact that paint can be expensive. But it's usually needed to cover a model. Better paints tend to cost more, especially when the colors choices and shades are wider and you have more selection.

After 40+ years modeleing, I've used many different kinds of paints. I've experimented with so many kinds and brands. But I can't choose one brand that will always be better than another in every case.

I still use Testors spray paints. For enamels, they have their foibles sometimes, but the good ones lay down nice for a good paint job. #1246 silver is one I use all the time, primarily for metallic parts. Of course, I use their Dullcote and Gloss Overcoat a lot too.




Testors uses an abbreviation with their paints, such as: G) = Gloss finish, (SG) = Semi-Gloss Finish and (F) = Flat Finish.

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The benefit of lacquer paints is that they dry quickly, in just a few minutes. These paints by Testors are formulated to have a gloss finish (when applicable to the color). On other lacquer paints that are traditional, the lacquer can actually eat the plastic on a model. Many also require a primer base. But these paints are designed to be painted directly onto a plastic model.

Testors recommends 24 hours for a full cure, and if you decide to clear coat it, to do it within 2 hours of the paint coat.


Lacquer Paints


testors ultra gloss clearcoat

Ultra Gloss Clearcoat

testors lacquer gloss

Lacquer Gloss

testors wet look lacquer clear

Wet Look Clear

testors ultra gloss clearcoat

Lusterless (Flat)

testors 1261 lacquer gloss

Lacquer Gloss Cote

testors gloss black paint

Gloss Black

testors white-lightning paint

White Lightning

testors lime ice paint

Lime Ice

testors gloss black paint

Mystic Emerald

testors fiery orange paint

Fiery Orange

testors flaming orange paint

Flaming Orange

testors electric pink paint

Electric Pink

testors revving red paint

Revving Red

testors icy blue paint

Icy Blue

testors inca gold paint

Inca Gold

testors mythical maroone paint

Mythical Maroon

testors bronze paint


testors pure gold paint

Pure Gold

testors root beer paint

Root Beer

testors purple-licious paint


testors star spangled blue paint

Star Spangled Blue

testors root beer paint

De-Ja Blue

testors diamond dust paint

Diamond Dust

testors graphite dust paint

Graphite Dust

testors blazing black paint

Blazing Black

testors fabric tan paint

Fabric Tan

testors fabric gray paint

Fabric Gray

testors gm tropical turquoise paint

GM Tropical Turquoise

testors gm flame red paint

GM Flame Red

testors gm hugger orange

GM Hugger Orange

testors wimbledon white ford paint

Ford Wimbledon White

testors ford grabber green paint

Ford Grabber Green

testors ford yellow paint

AMC Big Bad Blue

testors sublime green paint

Dodge Sublime Green

testors chrysler yellow paint

Chrysler Yellow

testors dodge panther pink paint

Dodge Panther Pink

testors go mango ford paint

Dodge Go Mango

testors daytona yellow paint

GM Daytona Yellow

testors ford sunrise red pearl paint

Ford Sunrise Red Pearl

testors ford ultraviolet pearl paint

Ford Ultraviolet Pearl

testors ford royal blue pearl paint

Ford Royal Blue Pearl

testors flat black paint

Flat Black


testors semi gloss black paint

Semi Gloss Black




Enamel paints take longer to dry. Testors recommend 48 to 72 hours to cure. Enamel paints can be tacky, so you dont want to handle the model after painting it. You will leave fingerprints on it. Give the paint time to dry.
Enamel Paints

testors falt dullcote


testors high gloss clear

High Gloss Clear

testors gloss pearl clear

Gloss Pearl Clear

testors lime pearl paint

Lime Pearl

testors dark green pearl paint

Dark Green Pearl

testors dark yellow paint

Dark Yellow

testors yellow pearl paint

Yellow Pearl

testors sunburst paint


testors orange pearl paint

Orange Pearl

testors turn signal red paint

Turn Signal Red

testors fire red paint

Fire Red

testors dark brown paint

Dark Brown

testors purple clear flip flop paint

Purple Clear Flip Flop

testors drak green pearl paint

Bright Light Purple

testors purple pearl paint

Purple Pearl

testors grape pearl paint

Grape Pearl

testors bright light blue paint

Bright Light Blue

testors blue clear flip flop paint

Blue Clear Flip Flop

testors blue pearl paint

Blue Pearl

testors blue metallic paint

Blue Metallic

testors gray metallic paint

Gray Metallic

testors smoke gray pearl paint

Smoke Gray Pearl

testors black semi gloss paint

Semi Gloss Black



Gloss Classic White

These are Testors Enamel paints that are not
specifically for autos, but I've used them on cars and trucks.


testors blue angel blue paint

Blue Angel Blue

testors dark sea blue paint

Dark Sea Blue

testors gloss white paint


testors green paint


testors bug yellow paint

Bug Yellow

testors yellow paint


testors competition orange paint

Competition Orange

testors bright red paint

Bright Red

testors red paint


testors dark red paint

Dark Red

testors purple paint


testors light blue paint

Light Blue

testors bright blue paint

Bright Blue

testors dark blue paint

Dark Blue

testors flake red paint

Ruby Red Metal Flake

testors flake blue paint

Saphire Blue Metal Flake

testors arctic blue paint

Arctic Blue Metallic

testors graphite gray paint

Graphite Gray Metallic

testors silver metallic paint

Metallic Silver

testors copper metallic paint

Metallic Copper

testors hot rod red paint

Candy Hot Rod Red

testors custom red transparent paint

Transparent Candy Apple Red

testors custom grape transparent paint

Transparent Candy Grape

testors blue transparent paint

Blue Transparent

As always, test your paints before applying it to your final model !

The easiest way to test paints is to shoot them on cheap, white
plastic eating spoons
. Paint them and label them.

Then you know what the color looks like in the future. It also
allows you to test combinations of different paints and top coats or clear,
so you know that chemically they are compatible.


Testor Enamels or Model Master Enamels can use
Testors #1156 to clean the your paint brushes.

Acrylic paints use simple water to clean brushes and thin the paint.

spoon paint tests

If you're looking for Testors Model Paint Sets, Click Here.

Some of these colors below are military shades, but are still useful
for detailing parts of cars and trucks. Especially chassis', engine bays,
and various commercial trucks.

molotow chrome marker 1mm

Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker 1mm

molotow chrome marker 1mm

Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker 4mm

The Molotow Chrome pens are great for trim and brightwork on models.


Don't forget the Paint Brushes - Click Here!
















paint nozzles

100 Paint Caps
(Fits Testors Spray Cans)

These are useful because nozzles can clog, causing an uneven spray pattern or splotches.

Just swap out the nozzle and start fresh.




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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