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Aoshima has been making model cars and trucks for quite some time. They cover just about all the major Japanese and Asian market vehicles.

But what makes Aoshima models so popular is their special series. For instance, their VIP-Series, which highlights the luxury market. With custom wheels, low stance, and detailed interiors. Some of them include stereo and modern electronics style accessory parts.

Their C-West and Liberty Walks series are their performance line. Special wheels and performance modifications make the kits far different than their stock counterparts. Their Veilside-series include parts such as air dams, rocker accessory parts, and wings. To give the car that airflow and organic look.

Their "Rocket Bunny" series is very popular lately, and those kits are highly desirable and great to build. They reflect the popular Japanese street racing scene.

A lot of Aoshima kits are also referred to as "S" Types, or "R" Types. If you see a kit and it has a small icon of springs / coil overs on the box lid, that means the kit has metal coil springs for the suspension.

Some kits do include engines. Most of the modern ones, depending on the year and when the original tooling was made. But even without an engine, most kits have extra parts for the interior and exterior, parts that few other model companies provide. So you can still build an impressive model.

Aoshima models covers all the major cars, from Mazda RX7s, Nissan GTRs, Celsiors, Sambars, Fairladys, Toyotas, Nissan, and many more.

If you like performance Japanese car models, these are some great model cars to build.

They are ichi-ban (Number One)!

Great model cars and trucks from Aoshima. They make a wide assortment of very popular kits, including their Liberty Walks, C-West, Veilside, and VIP series.



aoshima rs match beat model

Honda RS Mach Beat

aoshima step van truck model kit

Honda Step Van

aoshima harrier 350g premium car model

Honda City Turbo II

aoshima honda beat animen car models

Honda Beat

aoshima mr tokoros family cobra model car kits

Mr. Tokoro`s Family Cobra

aoshima honda beat pp1 car model

Honda Beat PP1

aoshima step van models

Nyaruko-san Step Van

aoshima honda odyssey models

Honda Odyssey

aoshima honda odyssey models

Honda Odyssey

aoshima honda accord wagon models

Honda Accord Wagon

aoshima honda orthia model

Honda Orthia





hasegawa ladies 1990

Tokyo Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Tokyo Ladies Set

hasegawa ladies model figures

Modern Girls

hasegawa racing ladies paddock model figures

Racing Ladies Set




aoshima toyota 86 scion model

Mazda RX7 Itasha

aoshima mazda rx7

Mazdspeed RX7

aoshima toyota 86 scion model

Mazda RX7 Amemiya

aoshima little busters mazda rx7

Savanna RX-7 FC3S

aoshima mazdaspeed az1 model cars

Mazdaspeed AZ1

aoshima mazda rx7 car models

Mazda RX7

aoshima mazdaspeed az1

Mazdaspeed Autozam AZ1

aoshima veilside combat fd3s mazda rx7 model cars

Veilside FD3S Mazda RX7

aoshima mazda autozam az1 car model

Mazda Autozam AZ1

aoshima mazda ifini rx7car model

Mazda Efini RX7

aoshima mazda bn rx7 car model

Mazda BN RX7

aoshima mazda familia xg model

Mazda Familia XG

aoshima mazda gtc rx7 car model

Mazda GTC RX7

aoshima mazda spirit rx7 model

Mazda Type B RX7

aoshima mazda vertex  rx7 car model

Mazda Vertex RX7

aoshima mazda savanna rx7 model

Mazda RX7 Savanna

aoshima mazda vertex  rx7 car model


aoshima mazda savanna rx7 model

Mazda RX7 Savanna

aoshima mazda roadster car model

Mazda Roadster RS

aoshima mazda rx7 blue car model

Mazda RX7 Blue

aoshima mazda rx7 patrol police car model

Mazda RX7 Patrol Car

doin donuts

Doin' Donuts




aoshima pajero model truck

Mitsubishi Pajero Wide Xr-II

aoshima delica star wagon van

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon

aoshima mitsubishi galant model

Mitsubish Galant

aoshima pajero gt exceed truck models

Pajero Super Exceed

aoshima k-on lancer models

K-ON Lancer Evolution

aoshima lancer evo rali art models

RalliArt Lancer Evo

aoshima k-on lancer evo models

Lancer Evolution

aoshima lancer evo x models

Lancer Evo X

aoshima delica space gear models

Delica Space Gear

aoshima pajero models

Pajero Hardtop


Nissan (& Datsun)


aoshima lb performance toyota model cars

Lb Works Hakosuka

aoshima ken mary works toyota model cars

Lb Works Kenmeri

aoshima kenmary works model kit

Kenmary Works

aoshima japan works liberty walks model kit

Japan Works

aoshima liberty walk gtr model car

Liberty Walk R35 GTR

aoshima nissan 2000 skyline turbo model

Skyline Turbo

aoshima liberty walk gtr nissan model

LB Nissan GTR

aoshima nissan nismo fairlady car model

NISMO Fairlady

aoshima gtr g35 model


aoshima gtr liberty walk model

LB Works

aoshima libery walk nissan skyline gtr

Liberty Walk GTR

aoshima gtr liberty walk model

LB Works GTR

aoshima top secret silvia model cars

Top Secret S15 Silvia

aoshima top secret gtr skyline model car

Top Secret Skyline GTR

aoshima nissan datsun truck models

Datsun Custom Truck

aoshima jzx100 chaser model

Fairlady Z

aoshima s30 fairlady z aero model

S30 Fairlady Z Aero

aoshima fairlady z st model


aoshima nissan fairlady 350z model

Nissan Fairlady 350Z

aoshima fairlady z st model

Fairlady Z Version St

aoshima trd ae86 trueno n2 model cars

Datsun 720 Pickup California

aoshima super z gullwing 280z car model

Super Z Gullwing

aoshima spec r silvia nissan cars


aoshima toyota 86 scion model

Ken Meri Nissan

aoshima type m skyline model cars

Type M Skyline

aoshima nissan terrano model cars

Nissan Terrano

aoshima jenesis skyline emodel cars

Jenesis Skyline

aoshima 1966 silvia model cars


aoshima gtr vspec model cars

GTR V-Spec

aoshima toyota corolla levin model cars

Skyline Turbo

aoshima gtr vspec model cars


aoshima grand champion model cars

Skyline 2000 X

aoshima cedric police model cars

Cedric Metropolitan Police

aoshima silk silvia spec r car model

Silvia Spec R

aoshima nissan gtr pace car model

Nissan GTR Raceway

aoshima datsun 720 truck models

Datsun 720 Lowrider

aoshima cwest skyline gtr model

Skyline GTR C-West

aoshima skyline ht model

Nissan Skyine HT

aoshima cedric taxi model car

Cedric 200STD Taxi

aoshima nissan cefiro model cars

Nissan Cefiro

aoshima western police cedric  model

Western Police Cedric

aoshima rasty silvia model cars

Rasty Silvia

aoshima toyota 86 scion model

Ken Meri Nissan

aoshima grand champion laurel models

Grand Champion Laurel

aoshima c-west gtr skyline model cars

C-West GTR

aoshima nissan laurel car model

Nissan Laurel SGX

aoshima laurel works model kit

Laurel Works

aoshima laurel medalist club-s model cars

Laurel Medalist Club-S

aoshima cifero with engine model

Cefiro with RB20DET Engine

aoshima silk silvia spec r car model

Silvia Spec R

aoshima mega rim cima model cars

Mega Rim Cima

aoshima kenmary works model kit

Kenmary Works

aoshima rodex style silvia model cars

Rodexstyle Silvia

aoshima crown athlete model cars

Parfume VIP

aoshima western police rs1 car model

Western Police RS1

aoshima liberty walk ken meri car model

Western Police RS1

aoshima silvia s13 car model

Nissan Silvia S13

aoshima ken meri gtr nissan car model

Ken Meri GTR

aoshima datsun pickup model

Datsun Pickup

aoshima cedric gloria car model

Cedric Gloria 280E

aoshima skyline 2000gt model

Skyline 2000GT

aoshima top secret fairlady zcar model

Top Secret Fairlady Z

aoshima vertex silvia s13 model

Nissan VERTEX Silvia

aoshima top secret s13 silviar model

Top Secret S15 Silvia

aoshima wonder-cefiro model

Wonder Cefiro

aoshima parfume vip cima model

Parfume VIP Cima

aoshima cedric gloria c30 model

Wonder Cefiro

aoshima silvia gazelle model

Nissan Gazelle

aoshima r35 gt skyline model

Nissan R35GT

aoshima skyline gts 25t model

Nissan Skyline GT25T

aoshima nissan fairlady z model

Nissan Fairlady Z

aoshima skyline uras model

Nissan URAS Skyline

aoshima nissan pulsar model

Crown Majesta

aoshima nissan pulsar model

Nissan Pulsar

aoshima nissan pulsar model

Veilside Skyline GTR

aoshima nissan leopard model

Nissan Leopard

aoshima crown majesta model

Crown Majesta

aoshima nissan crown saloon hybrid model

Crown Hybrid Saloon

aoshima nissan 300z model

Nissan NISMO 300z

aoshima nissan crown saloon hybrid model

Nissan Silvia

aoshima nissan 300z model

Nissan R35 GTR

aoshima nissan skyline gtr z-tune model

NISMO Skyline Z-Tune

aoshima nissan fabulous elgrand model

Nissan Fabulous Elgrand

aoshima nissan impul f55 model

Nissan Impul F55




aoshima sambar mail delivery truck van

Subaru Sambar Mail Truck

aoshima sambar fire truck model kit

Sambar Fire Truck

aoshima sambar vintage models

Subaru Sambar High Roof

aoshoma mobile traders truck model kit

Mobile Food Truck

aoshima toyota pickup truck model

Samba Van

aoshima samber van delivery truck model

Sambar VB Panel Van

aoshima mobild gaming truck models

Mobile Gaming Truck

aoshima star kabob food truck models

Star Kabab Food Truck

aoshima toyota pickup truck model

Subaru GRB WRX STi

aoshima sambar van with raft car models

Sambar with Raft

aoshima subaru wrx sti models

Subaru WRX

aoshima grb impreza wrx sti car models

GRB Impreza WRX Sti

aoshima octopus ball food truck models

Sambar Octopus Ball

aoshima heave ho sambat truck models

Sambar Heave Ho

aoshima octopus ball food truck models

Sambar Pickup

aoshima wrx sti models

Impreza WRX Sti




aoshima jzx100 chaser model

Toyota LJZX100 Chaser

aoshima celsior model

Toyota UCF21 Celsior

aoshima celica jb model

Toyota Celica LB

aoshima initial d ae86 sprintermodel

Initial D AE86

aoshima trd ae86 model

TRD AE86 Trueno

aoshima toyota celica gt 1600 car models

Celica GT 1600

aoshima toyota soarer model

Toyota Soarer

aoshima elgrand vip fabulous models

JZX100 Mark II Tourer V

aoshima rn30 hilux model

RN30 Hilux Pickup Truck

aoshima toyota hilux pickup truck models

Toyota Double Cab 4x4

aoshima geddy rocket bunny toyota 86 model cars

Greddy Rocket Bunny

aoshima rocket bunny toyota 86 model cars

Toyota Rocket Bunny

aoshima super gl hiace

Hiace Super GL

aoshima hilux double cab truck models

Hilux Double Cab Lowrider

aoshima alphard vip van

Alphard MS/AS Late Type

aoshima mark II model car

Toyota Mark II 100

aoshima vip rojam saloon car model

VIP Crown Royal Saloon

aoshima crown majesta admiration

Admiration Crown Majesta

aoshima gt twin turbo mark II models

Twin Turbo Mark II

aoshima toyota corolla patrol police car model

Corolla Patrol Car

aoshima toyota 86 scion model

Toyota 86 / Scion

aoshima fairlady z st model

VIP Hiace

aoshima alphard van ikki models

Alphard Custom Van

aoshima toyota mark II model cars

Toyota Mark II

aoshima toyota 86 red model cars

Toyota 86

toyota century vip car models

Toyota Century VIP

aoshima jigoro celica models

Toyota Celica

aoshima admiration celsior vip ucf31  model

Admiration UCF31 Celsior

aoshima harrier model car kits

Toyota Harrier 350G

aoshima celica gt models

Toyota Celica 1600GT

aoshima toyota corolla levin model cars

Corolla Carnival Phatasm

aoshima crown athlete model cars

Toyota Crown Athlete

aoshima velene majesta crown vip model

Velene Majesta Crown VIP

aoshima scion xb

Toyota BB Styling Package

aoshima aristo haute 16 car models

Haute Couture 16 Aristo

aoshima kbreak aristo car models

K-Break Toyota Aristo

aoshima hot company vip van

Hiace Van VIP Hot Company

aoshima rav 4 truck models

Toyota Rav 4

hasegawa ladies 1990

Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Tokyo Girls Set

aoshima toyota hilux 4x4 truck model

Toyota Hilux 4x4

aoshima grb subaru wrx impreza

Toyota Hilux 4x4

aoshima majesta texi vip model cars

VIP Taxi Majesta

aoshima car boutique trueno sprinter model cars

Sprinter Trueno

aoshima grand champon car models

Harrier 350G Premium L

aoshima crown athlete car models

Crown Athlete G

aoshima toyota harrier model cars

Toyota Harrier

aoshima aristo vip model cars

VIP Arista

aoshima sprinter heart 2 model

Sprinter Trueno Heart 2

aoshima hiace super gl

Hiace Super GL

aoshima crown athlete g  model

Toyota Crown Athlete G

aoshima hiace tuned wagon axmax model

Hiace Axmax Tuned

toyota celica 1600 gt model

Toyota Celica GT

aoshima super vip celsior model

Toyota Super Celsior

aoshima hiace tuned wagon axmax model

Hiace Axmax Tuned

aoshima toyota silkblaze hiace car model

Toyota Silkblaze Hiace

aoshima estima aeras van car models

Faboulus Estima Aeraz

aoshima k break vip aristo model cars

K. Break VIP Aristo

aoshima crown police car model

Crown Police Car

aoshima k-break crown model cars

K-Break Crown

aoshima crown majesta k-break car model

K-Break Crown Majesta

aoshima hilux pickup model

Toyota Hilux Pickup

aoshima k-break aristo model

Toyota Aristo K-Break

aoshima vip sport crown model

VIP Sport Crown

aoshima corolla levin model

Rojam Crown Athlete

aoshima corolla levin model

Toyota Levin

aoshima sprinter black model

AE86 Sprinter Black LE

aoshima fabulous celsior model

Toyota Fabulous Celsior

aoshima trd chaser model

Toyota TRD Chaser

aoshima  celsior model

Toyota Celsior

aoshima ae86 trueno model

Toyota Vertex Soarer

aoshima  celsior model

Toyota AE86 Trueno

aoshima  hiace black model

Toyota Hiace Super GL

aoshima  celica x model

Toyota Celica

aoshima  toyota van anime model

Toyota Probox

aoshima  toyota pickup truck model

Toyota Pickup Custom




aoshima blue grand champion convertible model cars

Grand Champion

aoshima motto grand championship model cars

MOTTO Grand Champion

aoshima mola model cars

Suzuki MOLA Cappuccino

aoshima copen car models

Diahatsu Copen GT

the car modellers handbooks

Car Model Handbook

car modeling manual japan

Car Modeling

sports car modeling cobra book

Sports Car Modelling










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