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Anime, especially the cartoons, are a classic Japanese art style. I remember growing up and watching shows after school, such as Speed Racer, Prince Planet, and Gigantor. If you haven't seen those shows, you've missed out.

Of course, Anime and Japanese culture has't stopped, and new shows and programs are still being made today. But the culture also has classics such as Godzilla which continue to facinate new fans of each generation and are still going strong today as pop culture.

Live actions shows, such as Ultraman or Masked Kamen Rider have also become the new shows to gain popularity. While not true Anime, they do reflect Japanese pop culture.

1980's anime shows like Captain Harlock or Space Battleship Yamamato are still popular today with modelers and fans (see the live action movie as well - great flick!).

Whatever anime model kit you choose, you can bet it will be different, cool, and probably something you haven't built before. And you know it will be fun!

Japanese Asian (China, Vietnamese, Korean, etc) culture model kits. Along with Ultraman, Macross, Captain Harlock, Yamato, and many more. Or models that are Japanese Anime related, but many are from series such as Godzilla, Mechs, to the Kaymen Ryder. Great kits !

scale model life figures magazine

SM03 Sazabi

hasegawa arcadia space pirate second battleship

Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia

bandai uncfd model

U.N.C.F.D. - Due 2019

hasegawa crusher joe fighter model

Crusher Joe - Due 2019

hasegawa siegfied model

VF31C Siegfried

bandai black bird model

Black Bird Fighter

hasegawa cardigan jk mate model


hasegawa blazer jk mate model kits


atlantis ghost of the red baron model

Egg Girls 1

wave mat gyro model

Ultraman MAT Gyro

hasegawa vanship farm vespa model

Tatiana's Van & Fam's Vespa

hasegawa ultraman vtol model

Ultraman Jet VTOL

bandai starblazers yamato model

Battleship Yamato

hasegawa asf shinden model

ASF Shinden

hasegawa asf shinden model

ASF Shinden

bandai flaptter laputa model

Castle in the Sky Flaptter

hasegawa ultra hawk annu model

Ultra Hawk & Annu

hasegawa we-go model

Mechatronics We-Go

hasegawa mechatronics

Mechatronics We-Go

bandai trunks time machine model

Trunks Time Machine

bandai gundam pilot model

Gundam Pilot

hasegawa ladies 1990

Ladies Set

hasegawa bubbly girls 1980

Tokyo Shopping

wave ghost in the shell logicoma

Ghost in the Shell Logicoma

ghost in the shell tachikoma

Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma

wave ghost in the shell uchikoma

Ghost in the Shell Uchikoma

ghost in the shell multi legged tank

Ghost in the Shell Prototype

walker machine anime

Walker Machine

ghost in the shell multi legged tank

Ghost in the Shell Jigabachi

zoids shield liger model

Zoids Sinker

zoids shield liger model

Zoids Shield Liger

zoids shield liger 2 model

Zoids Shield Liger MKII

zoids hammer rock model

Zoids Hammer Rock

asian kimono robes


asian kimono robes


bandai electromagnetic tiger

Electromagnetic Tiger

bandai-7-eleven model

MSM-04 Seven-Eleven

resin woman figures models

Panzer Girls Set

bandai space battle analyzer model kit

Battleship Yamato Analyzer

aoshima land caliber powered armor model kit

Land Calibur & Powered Armour

aoshima conan falco model

Future Boy Conan Falco

For Gundam Model Kits - Click Here !


bandai gigantor model

Mini Gigantor


anime mug

It's an Anime Thing...

wave power suit model

Kidou Hohei Powered Suit

bandai ultraman model


bandai wild tiger model

Wild Tiger

bandai tiger and bunny model

Tiger & Bunny

megahouse yamato girls reix model

Yamato Girl Rei

doyusha ultraman iron fish model

Ultraman Taro Iron Fish

wave silent stars fenics model

AT-05D Silent Star Fenics

arii robotech hikaru ichijo model

Hikaru Ichijo

bandai destroid model

Destroid Defender ADR-04

cougar firepower model

Cougar Heavy Firepower

bandai masked rider model

Masked Rider

bandai kamen rider model

Kamen Rider

bandai masked rider model

2040 Shiho Nadeshiko

super sonico model

Super Sonico

wave super fortress phalanx model

Fortress SDR04 MkXII Phalanx

zoids storm sworder model

ZOIDS Storm Sworder

wave sukura wars kobu f model

Sakura Wars - Kobu F

wave sukura wars kobu model

Sakura Wars - Kobu

wave sukura wars erica model

Sakura Wars - Erika

wave sukura wars kobu model

Sakura Wars - Kobu

wave nadia model

The Secret of Blue Water Nadia

wave sukura wars kobu model

Hatsune Miku Hanairogoromo

bandai dom mobile model

Dom Mobile Suit

wave macross vf4 model

Macross VF4

kamen rider battle hopper model

Kamen Rider Battle Hopper

hasegawa mat vehicle mazda casmo tv show model

MAT Car with Figure

asian decor model

Beautiful Asian Bedding

asian snacks assortment

Fun Asian Snacks

ultraman mask cosplay model

Ultraman Mask

bandai godzilla mothra figure model

Godzilla vs Mothra Chibi

dragon atom boy figure standingmodel

Atom Boy


dragon atom boy figure standingmodel

Chibi Miku Hatsune

bandai scope dog model

Brutish Dog

bandai scope dog model

Scope Dog



bubblegum crisis model

Moto Rocket Cannon

trooper votoms ground custom model

Trooper Votoms

scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life

scale model life figures magazine

SM03 Sazabi

foamsmith2 making foam cosplay weapons

Foamsmith2 Weapons

fujimi glass ship model

Future Water Bus

fujimi tfd uh3 model

Ultra Hawk 3 TDF UH-3

hasegawa arcadia space pirate battleship kit from the movie

Space Pirate Battle Ship Arcadia

aoshima aero boost model

AOI OGRE AN-21 Circuit Mode

hasegawa ultra hawk model

Ultra Hawk

aoshima gigoro car model

Kamen Rider Cyclone

aoshima knight 200 kitt car model

TDF Pointer Perfect Mode

western police and tank car 4wd

Western Police Safari & Tank Car

aoshima super z gullwing 280z car model

Super Z Gullwing

max factory nipako model

Nipako Chan

plamax alfin crusher joe model

Crusher Joe Alfin

max factory shunya model


panzer girls model

Panzer Girls

band sword fish cowboy rebop model

Sword Fish

bandai super robot zero tester model

Zero Tester

zero suit samus figure model

Zero Suit Samus

aoshima gigant model

ConanThe Boy in Future

yamato cutaway model

Yamato Cutaway

g machine eagle super model

G-Machine Eagle

bandai goggles five model

Daisentai Goggles Five

g machine eagle super model

Garma Dopp

moebius the munsters house model

Kamen Rider V3 Hurricane

hasegawa ultraman car MAT vehicle model

Ultraman MAT Vehicle

polar lights speed racer mach v model car

Speed Racer Mach V

polar lights back to the future time machine delorean car model

Speed Racer Mach V

hasegawa thunderseeker night stalkers model

VE-11 Thunder Seeker `SVAW-121 Night Stalkers

aoshima garland boost model

Sugo Garland Boost

fujimi ultraman mini beetle model

Ultraman Mini Beetle Ship

mat arrow ultraman anime model

Ultraman MAT Arrow

bandai sky crawlers model

Sky Crawlers Skyly J2 EX

bandai nausicaa of the wind model

Nausicaä Valley of the Wind

hasegawa ultraman vtol model

Ultraman Jet VTOL

g-taste figure model


japanese pilot model


bandai dragonball z

Dragonball Z

atlas tank model

Atlas Tank Space

bandai gomolo figure model

Gomola Monster

bandai space battleship yamato model

1/500 Battleship Yamato

revell armageddon space shuttle model

Earth Defense Andromeda

bandai space battleship yamato model

1/700 Battleship Yamato

bandai space battleship yamato model

1/350 Battleship YAMATO

bandai black tiger battleship yamato model

Black Tiger Fighter

bandai battleship yamato cosmo zero model

Cosmo Zero Alpha 1(Kodai)

hasegawa asfx ace combat anime model

Ace Combat Shinden II

sw190 creator works anime spaceship model

Captain Harlock Spaceship

japanese tin robots

Classic Robot

japanese roberta robots

Roberta Classic Robot

hasegawa macross yf19 anime model

Macross Plus YF-19

hasegawa macross yf19 anime model

Macross VF-19A Lightning

fujimi ultra seven anime model

TDF MRI Ultra Seven

masked kamen rider figure anime model

Masked Kamen Rider

dragon bulma capsule model

Dragon Cycle

godzilla maser cannon model

Godzilla Maser Cannon

cosmo falcon starblazers model kit

Cosmo Falcon Starblazers

aoshima operation omega model kit

Operation Omega

aoshima tdf HR1 HR2 hydranger model kit

Ultraseven TDF Hydranger

hasegawa macross model

SV-51r Nora Type

bandai nausicaa riding kai model

Nausicaä of the Valley
of the Wind - Riding Kai

bandai nausicaa ohm model

Nausicaä of the Valley
of the Wind - Ohm

kotobukiya zoids model

Zoids Shield Liger

aoshima megazone 23 model

Megazone 23

aoshima tiger shark gattai model

Gattai Machine Red Hawk

aoshima tiger shark gattai model


aoshima road ranger model

Roadranger Technopolis

hasegawa bodacious space pirates model

Space Pirates

hasegawa macross vf os model

VF-0S Macross Zero

dragon ball cycle model


gundam worker model

Gundam Worker

ultraman jet vtol model

Ultraman: Jet VTOL

bandai nadia secret of the blue water model kits

Nadia Secret Of Blue
Water Submarine

aurora king ghidorah figure plastic model

King Ghidorah Monster

bandai godzilla model


polar lights aurora godzilla figure plastic model

16" Godzilla

frame girl indigon figure plastic model

Frame Girl

aurora rodan figure plastic model

Rodan Monster

raquel flower fairy figure model

Raquel Flower Fairy

good smile racing figure model

Goodsmile Racing

super sonic nurse figure model

Super Sonic Nurse

portrait of pirates tashigi figure model

Portrait of Pirates Tashigi



supercruise melbourne florida model show





led lights for scale models


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