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Airplane model kits never seem to go out of style. For decades they've been favorites for generations.

Many of us have been building these planes for many years. We've probably built most of the popular kits. But model companies today are reaching for the unusual and different aircraft from around the world, which is a big bonus for aircraft modelers.

From Revell, Hasegawa, Fujimi, Trumpeter, Academy, there are dozens of model companies worldwide coming out with model kits of aircraft you don't see every day, or may have never seen.

Model aircraft kits continue to sell and be popular kitems. But you don't have to build the same plane over and over. Now you can build some that few will see at a model show, and they will just look great in your collection. Talk about a conversation piece!

Even though they might be an obscure airplane subject, that doesn't mean you can't have a blast builiding some of them.

So we've thrown in some concept plane models, race plane kits, tesing aircraft. Some are traditional plastic kits, some are resin. But all of them are interesting.

Civilian planes play a large part in American history, and common Piper Cubs to bush planes from Alaska, there's a lot of choices when building cavilian aircraft kits. We've even added some zeppelins and blimps! Commercial airliner models are popular as well, in many different scales.

Don't forget the heroes of today. The rescue planes and helicopters, and the fire planes, dumping hundreds of gallons of water on forest fires. There are a few of these models available as well.

These are some exciting aircraft and airplane model kits to build.

These are unique, or at least, less common aircraft and plane models. Everybody's built the P51s and ME109s, and various other popular kits. But these are interesting projects to build if you want to have something different that will stand out from the rest of your aircraft model collections.

modeling airliners books

Modeling Airliners

lindberg gee bee airplane coca cola

Coca Cola Gee Bee

atlantis models dc9 plane model

Hughes Airwest DC9

Shell Lockheed Vega

amt beechcraft staggerwing model aircraft

Beechcraft Staggerwing

lindberg caravelle jet

Caravelle Airliner

revell stearman model aircraft

Stearman Aerobatic Plane

roden boeing 720 led zeppelin model aircraft

Led Zeppelin Tour Boeing 720

roden boeing 720 starship one model aircraft

Jefferson Starship / Deep Purple
Tour Boeing 720

amt stinson reliant sr9 model

Stinson Reliant SR9

kitty hawk flying pancake model aircraft

XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack

revell iron maiden jet ed force one

Iron Maiden "Ed Force One" Jet

revell b17 memphis belle model aircraft

B-17F Memphis Belle

revell b29 model aircraft

B29 Superfortress Enola Gay

revell c54 skymaster model aircraft

C-54 Skymaster

amt hawker tempest model aircraft

Hawker Tempest V

roden beechcraft staggerwing model aircraft

Beechcraft Staggerwing

mpm vega 5 floatplane model aircraft

Vega Floatplane

hasegawa air force one model aircraft

VC-25A Air Force One

academy marine one special hobby model aircraft

VH-34D "Marine One" HMX-1

special hobby x1ad usaf plane model


special hobby x1b plane model

Bell X-1B NACA

lindberg winnie mae model aircraft

Winnie Mae

minicraft bonanza model aircraft

Bonanza F-33

black eagles rok academy model aircraft

Black Eagles Aerobatic Team

testors p40b warhawk

P40 Warhawk

testors f4u corsair

F4U Corsair

testors b25 mitchell

B25 Mitchell

civil air patrol model

Cessna Civil Air Patrol

testors b29 superfortress

B29 Superfortress

civil air patrol model

P38J Lightning

italeri b52 model

B52 Stratofortress

revell spitfire model


revell p61 black widow model

P61 Black Widow

lindberg martin model aircraft

1911 Martin-Handasyde

lindberg avro model aircraft

1911 Avro Biplane

minicraft spruce goose hughes hercules model aircraft

Hughes Hercules

revell wright brothers model aircraft

Wright Flyer "First Powered Flight"

amt f4u corsair model aircraft

Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair

amt panther f9f model aircraft

Grumman F9F Panther

amt f18 hornet model aircraft

F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jet

amt f18 falcon model aircraft

F-16A Falcon Fighter Jet

kamov ka58 black ghost helicopter model aircraft

Siviet Black Ghost Helicopter

airfix raf hawk model aircraft

Top Gun F-14A Tomcat Fighter


airfix red arrows team

Red Arrows Gnat

minicraft usaf t51a cessna aircraft

T-51A (Cessna 150) USAF

revell white knight two virgin galactic model

SpaceShip Two & Carrier
White Knight Two

minicraft bonanza aircraft

Bonanza V-Tail

revell tiger shark aircraft

P40B Tiger Shark

accurate miniatures p51 mustang bendix race model aircraft

P-51C Mustang Bendix Race

eduard weekend m15

Korean Mig 15

catalin black cat pby academy

PBY-5A Catalina "Black Cat"

airfix nolland gnat model aircraft

Folland Gnat

hasegawa us navy p3 orion model aircraft

P-3C Orion US Navy

revell horten go 229 model aircraft

German Horten GO-229

italeri fa18 blue angels model aircraft

F/A-18 "Blue Angels"

trumpeter dolphin uscg rescue helicopter model aircraft

HH65A Dolphin Search and Rescue

roden turbo porter floatplane model aircraft

Turbo Porter Floatplane

roden dh9 ambulance de havilland aircraft model

Airco De Havilland DH9 Ambulance

airfix short sunderland model aircraft

Shorts Sunderland MkIII

dhc6 twin otter model aircraft

DHC-6 Twin Otter

william brothers autogyro pca2 model aircraft

PCA2 Autogiro Aircraft 2 Kits

revell spirit of saint louis ryan charles lindberg model aircraft

Lindberg Ryan Spirit Of St Louis

revell wessex mk3 model aircraft

Wessex Has MK. 3

minicraft nasa x3 f18 hornet model aircraft

NASA X-3 F/A-18A Hornet

airfix comet racer model aircraft

De Havilland DH.88 Comet

williams brothers halls bulldog  model aircraft

Halls Bulldog Racer

williams brothers wedell williams 121 gilmore red lion racer  model aircraft

Wedell Williams 121
Gilmore Red Lion Racer

revell a380 airbus model aircraft

Airbus A3800 with Visible Interior

dragom models braniff 747 aircraft

Braniff International 747

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