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Airplane model kits never seem to go out of style. For decades they've been favorites for generations.

Many of us have been building these planes for many years. We've probably built most of the popular kits. But model companies today are reaching for the unusual and different aircraft from around the world, which is a big bonus for aircraft modelers.

From Revell, Hasegawa, Fujimi, Trumpeter, Academy, there are dozens of model companies worldwide coming out with model kits of aircraft you don't see every day, or may have never seen.

Model aircraft kits continue to sell and be popular kitems. But you don't have to build the same plane over and over. Now you can build some that few will see at a model show, and they will just look great in your collection. Talk about a conversation piece!

Even though they might be an obscure airplane subject, that doesn't mean you can't have a blast builiding some of them.

So we've thrown in some concept plane models, race plane kits, tesing aircraft. Some are traditional plastic kits, some are resin. But all of them are interesting.

Civilian planes play a large part in American history, and common Piper Cubs to bush planes from Alaska, there's a lot of choices when building civilian aircraft kits and

Commercial airliner models are popular as well, in many different scales.

Don't forget the heroes of today. The rescue planes and helicopters, and the fire planes, dumping hundreds of gallons of water on forest fires. There are a few of these models available as well.

These are some exciting aircraft and airplane model kits to build.

These are common aircraft and plane scale models. They make great projects to add to your model collection.


encyclopedia aircraft modelling volume 1 ak interactive

Modelling Aircraft Cockpits

tamiya p38 model aircraft

Lockheed P38 Lightning


academy f16 razorbacks model aircraft

F16C Falcon Flying Razorbacks


tamiya f51d mustang model aircraft

North American F51D Mustang Korean War


hasegawa f86f skyblazers model aircraft

USAF F86 F35 Sabre Skyblazers


academy f8f model aircraft

F8F Bearcat USS Tarawa


revell delta dagger model aircraft

F102A Delta Dagger


academy models p38 lightning

P38J Lightning


tamiya corsair f4u model aircraft

Vought F4U1D Corsair


tamiya p47d razorback model aircraft

Republic P47D Thunderbolt Razorback


academy f14 bombcat model aircraft

F14A "Bombcat" US Navy Strike Fighter


revell p61 black widow model aircraft

Northrop P61 Black Widow Night Fighter


academy b25d mitchell model aircraft

B25D Mitchell 'Pacific Theater'


revell b17 memphis belle  model aircraft

B17 Super Fortress Memphis Belle


tamiya f16c  model aircraft

Lockheed F16C Fighting Falcon


tamiya a10 thunderbolt  model aircraft

A10A Thunderbolt II Warthog


tamiya a10 thunderbolt  model aircraft

F16C Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds


lindberg models lockheed vega plane

Shell Lockheed Vega


dora wings models gee bee kit

Gee Bee Race Plane


tamiya douglas skyraider model aircraft

Douglas ASA1H US Navy Skyraider


special hobby af2s guardian plane

US Navy AF2S Guardian 'Submarine Killer'


afv club navy hughes 500md  model aircraft

Navy Hughes 500MD ASW Anti-Submarine-Warfare


trumpeter thunderbirds f100  model aircraft

F100D Thunderbirds USAF


trumpeter skywarrior model aircraft

US Navy KA3B Skywarrior


roden turbo porter model aircraft

Turbo Porter Caribbean Island Hopper


kitty hawk flying pancake model aircraft

XF5U1 Flying Flapjack


eduard models fokker dri kit

Fokker DR1 Triplane


super wings models horton ho229 kit

Horton Ho229


amt f104 star trek model aircraft

Tomorrow is Yesterday F104 Starfighter


airfix supermarine model aircraft

RAF Supermarine Spitfire FR


ebbro honda jet model aircraft

Honda Jet


eduard models spitfire lf kit

"Dorothy" D-Day RAF Spitfire


italeri models p38 lightning kit

USAAF P38 Lightning


academy f4c jet model aircraft

Vietnam War F4C Phantom


academy f14 tomcat model aircraft

F14A Tomcat US Navy Fighter


Grumman F14A Tomcat


Ah! My Goddess Shinden


P51 Bendix Air Racer


TBM Bunker Hill


F15 Eagle


eduard spitfire model aircraft

Spitfire Bubbletop Fighter


modelsvit yak 1 model aircraft

Soviet Fighter Yakovlev Yak1 Fighter


hobby boss thunderstreak model aircraft

US Air Force F84F Thunderstreak Fighter


hasegawa shinden model aircraft

Kyushu J7W1 Shinden Fighter


kitty hawk models sh2f seasprite kit

US Navy KSH2F Seasprite Helicopter


hawk models us spy plane kit

U2 Spy Plane


revell f15c eagle kit

F15C Eagle


US Navy F4 Phantom Jolly Rogers


Curtis Tomahawk


Hawker Sea Fury


North American P51 Mustang


USAAF B25B Mitchell Doolittle Raid


Messerschmitt BF109 Blitzkrieg


F8F2 Bearcat


P61 Black Widow


Yak 38U Forger B


Yak 28P


hobby boss fa8 hornet kit

F/A18C Hornet RAAF


anusing hobby focke wulf model aircraft

Focke Wulf Triebflugel VTOL


dark shard fighter model aircraft

Ryan XF2R-1 Dark Shark Fighter


academy hawker hunter model aircraft

RAF Hawker Hunter F.6/FGA.9


academy usn sb2u3 battle of midway kit

US Navy USN SB2U3 Vindicator Battle of Midway


eduard models f6f hellcat

USN F6F3 Hellcat


hasegawa blue-impulse model aircraft

F86 Sabre Blue Impulse Acrobatic Team


hobby boss demon f3h model aircraft

US Navy F3H2M Demon


hobby boss fury model aircraft

Marines FJ4 Fury Jet Fighter


icm a26b invader model aircraft

A26B-15 Invader American Bomber


icm navigator model aircraft

US Navy AT-7C / SNB-2C Navigator


italeri shawnee flying banana model aircraft

H21 Shawnee Flying Banana Helicopter


italeri v22 osprey model aircraft

V22 Osprey VTOL


lindberg xf88 voodoo model aircraft

USAAF McDonell XF88 Voodoo Jet Fighter


trumpeter seafang supermarine model aircraft

Supermarine Seafang Fighter


kitty hawk models f35b lightning II kit

F35B Lightning II VTOL


trumpeter h34 us marines kit

US Marines H34 Chocktaw Helicopter


svit models xp55 ascender kit

XP55 Ascender


trumpeter talon nasa model aircraft

US T38C Talon (NASA)


academy f6f hellcat model aircraft

USN F6F3 Hellcat USS Princeton


kitty hawk seasprite model aircraft

US Navy SH2G Super Seasprite Helicopter


italeri c30 hercules cargo plane model

C130J C5 Hercules Cargo Plane

OPTION: Armed Forces Vehicle Set


airplane stand display

Airplane Stand

airplane stand display

Airplane Stand


encyclopedia aircraft modelling volume 2 ak interactive

Encyclopedia VOL.2

building p51 mustang models

P-51D Mustang












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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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