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These are military model kits that have treads. They are some of the more unusual and different vehicles used in many different services worldwide.

Some are familiar subjects with military model builders and some might be more obscure. Giving you a chance to build something unique and unusual.

Many different countries built a wide variety of vehicles. Some small, some very large, and some maybe just a little bit strange.

It seemed like any type of vehicle that could support a Flak gun or any other type of cannon was sooner or later used to field one of these weapons, even though many of them were probably not very successful.

But they make great models !

APC, tanks, carriers, tractors - the list is almost endless.

Many companies make such kits including:

  • MENG
  • AFV Club
  • ICM
  • Dragon Models
  • Revell
  • Zvezda
  • Takom
  • Miniart
  • Panda Hobby
  • and many more



Military tanks and treads models

1:35 scale models with treads instead of tires. A wide variety of interesting vehicles.


verlinden military vehicles model building

Military Vol II

dragon maus tank model kit

Flakpanzer I


afv club m16 model kit

M16 MGMC Meat Chopper


trumpeter halftrack armor model kit

SdKfz Halftrack with 8.8 cm Flak 18 Self-Propelled Gun


bronco 10.5 tank model kit

10.5 cm leFH18 Self-Propelled Gun on 39H Tank


panda hobby models t15 apmata object 149

T15 Armata Object 149


trumpeter 2s7m  model kit

Soviet 2S7M Self-Propelled Gun


trumpeter german pak-43 self propelled

Ardelt 8.8vm Pak 43 Waffentrager Self Propelled Gun


bronco pla carrier  model kit

Chinese PLA YW531B Armoured Personnel Carrier


trumpeter sam 6  model kit

Russian SAM6 Anti-Aircraft Missile with Launcher


miniart ya 12 model kit

Soviet Artillery Tactor Ya12


academy vulcan model kit

M163 Vulcan Air Defense System


takom models apc

Bandvagina BV 206S Articulated APC with Interior


takom t14 model kit

Russian MBT T-14 Armata

riich universl carrier model kit

Universal Carrier 3 inch Mortar Mk. I


academy lvtp model kit

US Marine Corps LVTP-7 Amtrac Landing Craft


trumpeter halftrack model kit

German Halftrack with Flak 37 Gun and Supply Trailer



tamiya gepard model kit

German Flakpanzer Gepard


afv club sd kfz 11 truck

Leichte Zugkraftwagen 3t Sd.Kfz.11


meng whippet model kit

Mk.A Whippet British Medium Tank


meng british tank model kit

British Heavy Tank Mk.V


meng british tank model kit

British Heavy Tank Mk.V


bronco loyd carrier model

Loyd Carrier Towing 6-PDR Anti-Tank Gun Tractor


dragon m270 model kit

M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)


dragon goliath model kit

German Engineers Goliath Demolition Vehicle


academy hellcat model kit

M-18 Hellcat U.S Army


bronco land wasser  model kit

Land Wasser Schlepper Ambhibious Vehicle


zvezda t28  model kit

Soviet T-28 Medium Tank


trumpeter stug  model kit

German STUG E100 Tank


hobby boss t35  model kit

Soviet T35 Heavy Tank


hobby boss wasser  model kit

Land Wasser Schlepper II Prototype Vehicle


hobby boss m4  model kit

M4 High Speed Tractor Vehicle


hobby boss scout  model kit

Sd.Kfz.254 Tracked Armored Scout Vehicle


hobby boss su18  model kit

Soviet Su-18 Sph


hobby boss t37  model kit

Soviet T37TU Command Tank


icm german command  model kit

Sd.Kfz.251/6 Ausf. Armoured Command Vehicle


miniart bm8 24 model kit

Soviet KBM-8-24 SELF PROPELLED Rocket Launcher


panda hobby 695 model kit

BMP Object 695 Kurganet-25


miniart bm8 24 model kit

BERGEPANZER T60 Recovery with Interior


miniart soviet ball tank model kit

Soviet Ball Tank - Sharotank with Interior


miniart bulldozer model kit

US Military Tractor with Variable Blade Angle Type


icm bergepanther  model kit

Bergepanther with German Tank Crew


dragon m752 model kit

M752 Lance Self Propelled Missile Launcher


miniart grant model kit

British Grant Mk.I Tank with Interior & Engine


meng minesweeper model kit

VSKFZ 617 German WWII Minesweeper


icm t34 recovery model kit

T34 “Tyagach” Soviet Recovery Machine


meng bmr model kit

Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle


zvezda terminator model kit

Terminator Russian Fire Support Combat Vehicle


hobby boss avp model kit

AAVP-7A1 Vehicle with UWGS


hobby boss avr model kit

AAVR-7A1 RAM Vehicle with Recovery Boom


zvezda bmp1 model kit

Russian BMP-1 Fighting Vehicle


trumpeter ats  model kit

Soviet Artillery Tractor AT-S


trumpeter tractor  model kit

ChTZ S-65 Russian Tractor with Cab


trumpeter halftrack model kit

German Sdkfz 7 8-Ton Halftrack


bronco archer model kit

17 Pounder Self-Propelled Gun "Archer"


trumpeter armata model kit

Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle TBMP T15 ARMATA


dragon greif model kit

Germany Sd. Kfz. 250/3 Armored Radio "Greif"


hobby boss idf apc dog house model kit

IDF APC Nagmachon Doghouse II


hobby boss idf apc dog house model kit

Russian 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S Anti-Tank System


takom m31 model kit

M31 US Tank Recovery Vehicle


meng buk missile model kit

Russian 9K37M1 BUK Air Defense Missile System


meng a7v model kit

German Krupp A7V Tank


meng a7v model kit

German Heavy Battle Tank


meng a7v model kit

Bergepanther AUSF.D with Full Interior


takom chammond model kit

FHT ST Chamond Late Type


takom bergepanther model kit

German Tank Recovery Vehicle with Full Interior


trumpeter dicker max model kit

German Pz.sfl.iva Dicker Max


dragon maus tank model kit

Maus German Super Heavy Tank


trumpeter  russian radar model kit

Russian 1S91 SURN KUB Radar


dragon t28 model kit

United States Army T-28 Super Heavy Tank


trumpeter-m270 model kit

M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System


bronco tankette model kit

Flamethrower MCV L3/35 Tankette with Trailer


afv club m35 model kit

Full Track Prime Mover M35 with Open Body


dragon infantry gun model kit

German Army Self Propelled Heavy Infantry Gun


dragon halftrack model kit

German Army 8 Ton Half Track & 88 mm Flak36/37


italeri water buffalo model kit

LVT4 Water Buffalo








#11 hobby blades - 100 pack

#11 Hobby Blades
Super 100 Pack!


Glue Deal



tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand



Hobby Tool Set



Airbrush Set



Detail Brush Set

















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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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