1/35 Military Accessories Model Kits for Dioramas

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These are model kits to accessorize with your 1/35 vehicles and figures. Whether they are civilian subjests or military.

They are great for making dioramas and bringing more realism to your model projects.

From detail parts, to military ammo boxes, to fuel drums and weapons. Any small details you add to your military model scene can take it to the next level in realism.

These will work great with trucks, tanks, or any other 1/35 scale (or 1/32) model project.

Just some of the great companies that make these products are:

  • Tamiya
  • ICM
  • Miniart
  • Riich
  • Bronco
  • Masterbox
  • and many more






These are 1/35 accessories for making dioramas.

They work well with military kits, Maschinen Krieger models, 1/32 kits, and many others in and around the 1:35 scale.


superdioramas Modeling


tamiya allied vehicle military accessories

Vehicle Cargo Accessories


tamiya military equipment set

Military Equipment Set


Modern Gear


miniart models cable spools

Cable Spools


miniart crates model

Wooden Boxes and Crates


miniart models luggage set

Luggage Set


miniart models concrete mixer set

Concrete Mixer


miniart models wooden barrels set

Wooden Barrels Set


miniart hand pallet truck accessory set

Hand Pallet Jack Set


Bins / Dumpsters


miniart models milk cans and cart set

Milk Cans and Cart Set


miniart models wooden pallets set

Wooden Pallets


miniart models propane butane cylinders set

Propane / Butane Cyinders Set


miniart models water pump set

Water Pump Set


miniart models weldeing equipment

Welding Equipment

Piano Se

Musical Instruments Set


tamiya models mci meals cartons set

MCI Meal Cartons


Bicycles Sets


Wooden Barrels Set


miniart beer bottles and cases set

Beer Bottles and Crates


meng models beer bottles accessories

Beer Bottles


Water Bottles Set


miniart vodka bottles and crates set

Vodka Crates


miniart models wine bottles and wooden crates set

Wine Bottles & Crates


miniart models milk bottles and crates set

Milk Bottles & Crates


tamiya models military miniatures accessories jerry can set

Fuel Jerry Cans Set


miniart models us fuel drums 55 gallon set

US Fuel Drums Set


miniart models modern oil drums set

Modern Oil Drums


miniart models fuel drums set

Fuel Drums Set


avf club models british fuel can set

British Fuel Tank Set


miniart models plastic barrels and cans set

Plastic Cans Set


tamiya german fuel drum set

German Fuel Drum Set


miniart models fuel drums set

Fuel Drums Set


miniart models allies jerry cans set ww2

Allied Jerry Cans Set


German Jerry Cans Set


meng models concrete and plastic road barriers set

Concrete and Plastic Road Barrier Set


Railroad Crossing Set


Marder Brass Shells Set


miniart models soviet ammo boxes set

Soviet 45mm Ammo Boxes Set


Soviet 100mm Ammo Boxes Set


miniart sovier ammo box set

Soviet Ammo Boxes Set


Sprgr Nbgr,Pzgr,Patr,Kw.K.40 Shells


M1 Ammo Set


MP5 Set

Military Accessories


British Military Accessories


Infantry Weapons Set


tamiya models military miniatires set b german infantry

German Equipment Set


icm british equipment set

British Equimpent


icm german equipment set

German Equipment Set


icm models ww1 infantry equipment set

US Equipment Set


Panzerschreck RPzB.54 & Ofenrohr RPzB.43 Set


miniart models panzerfaust set

Weapons Set


German Machine Guns


German Rockets


US Machine Guns


miniart german mines set

German Weapons Set


miniart models soviet equipment set

Soviet Equipment Set


Soviet Equipment Set


US Equipment Set


miniart models soviet equipment set

Soviet Weapons Set


miniart models german infantry equipment set

German Equipment Set


US Equipment Set


academy models us machine gun set

US Machine Gun Set


Barracade Set


miniart models sandbag set

Hessian Bags Set


Sand Bags Set


Pontoon Set


Telegraph Poles


Building Accessories


masterbox models checkpoint set

Checkpoint & Figures


miniart models dinner at the front set

Dinner on the Front Set


min iart models european home stuff set

European Home Stuff


miniart models cafe set

Cafe' Furniture Set


Modern Cafe' Furniture Set


Vegetables in Wooden Boxes


Street Fruit Shop


Brick Walls Set


Military Trench


Tent Set


miniart welder figures set models



Painting Crew


miniart models office furniture set

Office Set


Toolmakers Set with Bench, Figures and Tools


Set with Figures, Tools and Workbench


miniart models construction set

Construction Set


Field Workshop Set


miniart models 5 ton crane and equipment set

Gantry Crane & Equipment Set



Gantry Crane & Crew Set


tamiya german maintenance field team and equipment set

Field Tools & Equipment Set


Fries Crane 16t Strabocrane


miniart models garage workshop set

Garage Workshop Set


Italian Petrol Station Set


German Petrol Station Set


Petrol Cans Set


miniart models tool set

Hand Tool Set


miniart service crane model

3 ton Service Crane

miniart modern scaffolding


Engine Crew Set

miniart models petrol station set

Petrol Pumps Set

Bullet Holes Set



Pigeons Set


sdm models cow skulls

Cow Skulls Set


tamiya tyrannosaurus rex diorama set dinosaurs model kits


tamiya mesozoic creatures dinosaurs model kits

Mesozoic Creatures

tamiya velociraptors dinosaurs model kits


tamiya chasmosaurus diorama set dinosaurs model kits

Chasmosaurus Set








Glue Deal


tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand


Hobby Tool Sets


Detail Brush Set
















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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support!